Several Tips For Purchasing Scarf Or Knit Shawl


Are you ready for cold winter? Check your wardrobe, all necessary there? How about scarf or shawls? Probably has a scarf or shawl already? If not, do not miss it in such cold winter. The biggest advantage of scarves and shawls is that they can be worn on so different parts of the body, when it is warm outside, you can wear it as pure decoration, but when cools down you can move it to wrap around your shoulders or neck to keep out the chill. Here below let’s share some tips on how to choose suitable scarves and shawls.


1.Choose what you like and suitable style

Think about the things you like to feel comfortable, it is important to focus on themes which incorporate the things that we like. Take a look at some of the themes on hand painted scarves and knit shawl to see which ones really matches with your likes or your interests. Considering your personality and styles that you normally go for. Are you a modernist or a traditionalist? If you like to be modern, then consider an abstract design which perhaps features lots of straight lines or angles. If your prefer traditional, perhaps a floral design in either bright or more muted colors may fit well.


2. Choose quality fabric

The qualified scarf will impact on the way that the fabric falls and drapes, so always choose 100% pure silk to create the best effect. Silk scarves and shawls, on the other hand, are ideal choice for those occasions when it is impossible to tell what the weather might do. The lightweight fabric folds up neatly, making it easy to pop your fabulous accessory into your purse. By the way, why not just wear it as part of your outfit to enhance your look? For example, you can wear it in your hair or to adorn a hat, or tie it around your waist or hips over the top of a skirt or pants. As the temperature drops, simply untie it and place it around your arms, neck or shoulders to keep you snugly warm.

knit shawl

3. Choose unique design

If you are willing to spend much money on a beautiful luxury item like a scarf or shawl, then it shows clearly that you do not want to keep bumping into other people who are wearing the same design. With mass-produced silk scarves which are sold in stores and designer silk scarves, literally thousands and thousands of the same design are produced and, of course, there are thousands more counterfeit products out there too. The handmade silk scarves and shawls which are available, however, feature totally unique designs, which means that you can wear yours in the safe knowledge that you are not going to be embarrassed by turning up somewhere only to find someone else wearing an exact copy of your design. At high-profile events and special occasions in particular, this is especially important.

plaid scarf

4.Choose best craftsmanship

When talking about silk scarves and shawls, those which are produced by mass-production techniques are inferior on the workmanship that goes into them. Handmade scarves and shawls are produced with techniques which have been around for centuries and which depend on the skill and talent of artist. After the painstaking process of applying wax to the silk to create the outer borders of the design, every scarf or shawl is then painted by hand to introduce the gorgeous range of colors which set these superb accessories apart.

With those useful tips above,it is time to find a gorgeous hand painted scarf or handmade shawl to suit your own style now. Scarf or shawl is also best Christmas gifts for friends,family and even yourself.


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