Security USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader Password Lock for Laptop

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Are you afraid of your private information being divulged? And Always forgot your password to access your computer? Biometric Fingerprint Reader Password Lock is invented out for this use. Today fingerprint devices are by far the most popular form of biometric security used, Many modern electronic devices and computers have been equipped with biometric locks to increase their security. Biometric locks use your unique fingerprint to grant access to information, and do not require the user to remember any passwords or codes.

For the commercial customers, the USB Fingerprint lock is a must-have product if you are serious about your security. Savvy security professionals understand the value of biometric access control for identification and authentication purposes. This undeniably accurate information by itself can reduce risks and costs associated with those rantankerous persons.

Just Look on This Biometric Fingerprint lock which utilize the uniqueness of one’s fingerprint features to prevent unauthorized access to your computer and enhance the security of your private data with advanced data protection features. Its mini design allows you to carry to both office and home or a travel using. Include with the software which supports to encrypt of Windows Login, Screen Saver Lock, Password bank, File/Folder Encryption , Virtual Disk Drive, Makes your PC to the safest.

More Features about it:

Adopting the uniqueness of one’s fingerprint features to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.

Encrypt your precious computer files or data by your fingerprint or password.

You can keep your important content in encrypted with this amazing fingerprint software lock.

Store up to 10 fingerprints.

USB2.0 interfaces, support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, win7

Support English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, etc.

Keep your private and business information in a safe. if you are serious about your security, It’s the must-have for you!

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