Safty is No Trifle-Starting From a Outlet


“Safty is First”, TOMTOP always emphasize the importance of safty, which is responsible for the staff and the attitude to treat our customer. As the Chinese proverb goes “one ant-hole may cause the collapse of a thousand-li dike”, incident always result from subtleties, which is the reason that our company always stress that we need to be careful about the tiny point for the sake of safty. However, a potential safty hazard happened last month in our company, though it is very tiny but means a lot. Then go with the editor and listen to the two persons liable, we are going to dig out what had happened.

Editor: We know that the incident happened in the Logistic Department, then first let Xu Guizhong tell us how is the outlet incident proceeding.
Xu: Ok! The origin of this incedent should be traced back to two weeks ago and the airconditioner can not work for some uncertain reason. As the company safty man, I report this condition directly to Administrator Liu and Logistical Liu, but they did not handle this successfully. Last Thursday, the temperature in the warehouse is so high that many staffs can not stand it and they began to complain. In order to improve the working condition and depending on my maintenance experience, I changed the old outlet with a new one, but which did not work as well and the new one could not endure the high pressure and became dead soon. Under this kind of desperation, I devote my private outlet and fortunately it work well. I was vey happy that I help my colleagues to get this done. But what had not been predicted is that it caused incident, my private outlet also can not stand the pressure load, which became soft and weak on the verge of burning.

Editor: How does Adiministration Department respond after Xu’s reporting this?
Liu: When the logistic department report this condition, I thought there must be something wrong with the airconditioner and did not realize the problem of the outlet. Then, I contact the professional maintenance man, but unfortunately the power is off when the mantenance got here. They checked the airconditioner under the condition of power-off, and came to the conclusion that there is no problem with the airconditioner. In the following second day, we realized that there must something wrong with the outlet, but we did not to check it and chose to wait for the mantenance man who did not appear. As Xu refered, the staff became angry with the high temperature and we were compelled to do something. Without other choices, I agreed to Xu’ proposal of using his own private outlet to replace the old one and the airconditioner went to work well. But, we should have remind that the best way is replacing it by a new one.

Editor: We know that Xu devote his own outlet unselfishly, but did you consider the potential incident?
Xu: Of course I did, and the outlet I used is with a light current switch. However, it is not up to the specification. Meanwhile, I did not operate this in correct way for the reason that expose the bronze wire into the air, which is a fatal fault.

Editor: How did the administration department respond after this incident was found?
Liu: After the incident was found, we plucked out the outlet instantly. We accepted the criticism and realized the ponderance of this fault. At that time, we can not operate with power and we put it off to the next day. I bought a new outlet and got the professional man to fix it. The airconditioner is ok now and no potential incident exist at all.

Editor: In this accident, the administration department must take the major responsibility. How do you think about this?
Liu: Taking the major responsibility is a must. We accept the panalty from the company. First, I did not take care of problem of maintaining the airconditioner efficiently and the complaint from the staff correctly. What’s more, we did not realize the importance of safty incident and the way of handling is not correct. And the least but not the most, though Xu did this for the sake of the other staffs’ interest, he did not consider the potential incident enough. Meanwhile, I did not fulfil the responsibility of supervising.

Editor: What’s your plan to improve your job?
Xu: I promise to get the work assigned by the leader well done and ensure the company inner security. What’s more, I will improve myself with the awareness of security.
Liu: First, we need to improve our administration work, especially better the ability of dealing with unnormal emergency. Meanwhile, we need to correct the attitude to security problem and pay more attention to it. Second, we need to raise the working efficiency and take more care of the staffs’ problem. At last, we welcome all staffs in our company to supervise our job and enhance the entire work in our company proceeding safe, smooth and efficiently.

Epilogue: During the interview, manager Liu and our safty man Xu Guizhong collaborate with us actively and answer our question seriously. What’s more, we can feel that both Manager Liu and our safty man Xu Guizhong are reliable person, though they made mistake in their job, their previous job satisfied all staffs in our company. We have enough reason to believe that they will do a better job in the coming future, and we hope that all staffs in our company can learn this lesson from them and bear in mind that “Safty First”.

(Edited by Blogindream, Photographer is Xie Zhenfei)

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