Retro toys let you relive the joy of childhood

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Childhood is the happiest and most leisurely time in most people’s lives. At that time, we had a lot of time and energy to do what we like. We don’t have to face the pressure of life and work. We will never feel lonely or bored. Because we have piles of toys. Some of the toys we played when we were young may not be popular today, but they always evoke memories of our childhood. Do you remember which toys you played in your childhood?

Maybe everyone has a portable game console with 268 classic games when they were young. This game console still exists today. You can give it as a gift to your child or grandchild and let them relive the fun of childhood with you. This handheld game console features 8 built-in console games and 268 classic games. You are no stranger to these games. A 2.0-inch LCD color screen protects your eyes and provides a better gaming experience for your users. It is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, suitable for all occasions.Portable Game Machine Console Built-in 268 Classic Games 8 Bit

Flying a kite is a game for all ages. No one doesn’t like it. If you hold the strings, you can feel the memory and happiness of childhood. This Ametoys 290cm*140cm Large Size Huge Rainbow Kite is a well-made kite that will provide you and your child with overwhelming joy, relaxation and a sense of accomplishment. With huge rainbow kites, you can even swing the rainbow gracefully while flying high in the wind. Learning how to get it to fly and control it will help develop your child’s brain coordination and critical thinking skills. This outdoor game of kite-proofing allows your child to put down video game controllers and tablets and find a pastime that makes them active and healthy. This simple kite has been designed with extremely stable operating characteristics for stable flight and is not susceptible to wind, and the durable fabric body and tail can be used for many years.Ametoys 290cm*140cm Large Size Huge Rainbow Kite with 50m Line Delta KitePortable Game Machine Console Built-in 268 Classic Games 8 Bit

People are now under a lot of pressure and there are many ways to release stress. You will love this Cute Cartoon Teeth Stress Relief Toys Slow. It has a super cute look and a super soft touch that will make you and the people around you smile. If you feel pressure, just squeeze this toy and you can watch your pressure disappear! No matter how you squeeze it, it will return to its original state at a satisfactory speed. Whether you are in the office, in the cubicle, in the library, in the school, you can play. You can also put it at home or at a party as a decorative toy. In order to have a good mood every day, take it home.Cute Cartoon Teeth Soft PU Squishy Tooth Stress Relief Toys Slow Rising Hand Kawaii Squeeze Toy Adorable Gift Blue

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