Receiver PSP-290 + Golden/silver Transformer metal sticker as gift


Sony in December 7, 2006 launched the PSP-specific GPS Receiver PSP-290, users can sound receiver installed in the PSP, then PSP becomes a GPS navigation device. At that time, claimed MAPLUS portable Nabi Woguo navigation system contains only the country’s map and GPS moving map software, so it did not can cause people’s attention. Since the finished version of the software “MAPthis” appears, you can use the map of China was finally positioned. Although the PSP can also use other GPS devices, but require their own hands the player with higher transformation USB interface cable, compared to the official GPS-290 uses a more simple, and relatively normal GPS receiver, its price will undoubtedly have advantage. (PSP Receiver

PSP PSP with GPS global positioning system GPS global positioning device-specific appearance and in the past, like the microphone and camera, through the PSP USB interface for connecting the upper part of the upper transparent acrylic panels played antenna function, the left screws were fixed . The receiving frequency 1575.42MHz (L1 band, C / A code), to accept a 20 channel signaling, sensitivity -153dBm/-140dBm, Location update time is about 1 second, positioning accuracy of up to 5m (2DRMS,-130dBm).(PSP GPS Receiver

Slightly larger than the size of cameras to car owners of the PSP users even use the PSP-290 completed to Beijing Daxing area navigation. Currently the popular GPS navigation devices can be considered products, and multi-functional collection is the future trend of electronic products, no one wants to put in the bag, large and small jingling a bunch of electronic products. Maybe around the next paragraph, will be the PSP phone functionality. (GPS Receiver PSP

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