Three Latest Qwerty Keyboard Phones


Qwerty Keyboard Phones are the latest talk all around the world, but still many people not come out of using of the traditional physical Qwerty Keyboard. For e-mailers and texters the touch screen would be difficult to use which may take a long time to use the virtual keyboard. Here are three latest Qwerty Keyboard Phones which makes our thumbs happy to use.

Dual Sim Phone Y007: The phone has a reasonable key size which gives us a great pleasure to use the keypad for instinctive way of typing. Integrated 0.3 mega-pixel camera for photo and video recording. Dual Sim Phone is a traditional type of messenger without any touchscreen but it has a touch sensitive optical trackpad. The price of this cell phone is around $40.50. It is one of thumb friendly Qwerty Keyboard Phones.

Qwerty Keyboard Phone E71: The phone is a multimedia and also a stylish phone. The Qwerty keyboard include even the dedicated punctuation keys and it’s easy to type from the thumb. It’s also ceramic to touch and type with the decent choice of games and application to download and use it. The price of this cell phone is around $48.70. It is a all-round Qwerty Keyboard with outstanding media facility.

Touch Screen Mobile MHQ11: The phone is the most popular smart phone. The thumb touch is enough to slide the screen up and take a beautiful snap. The phone is a very good platform for the speed typing of the Qwerty Keyboard. Integrated 0.3 mega pixel dual camera, webcam functionality. The price of this cell phone is around $77.90. It is a user friendly miniaturization smart phone with Qwerty keyboard.

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