QCY T5 TWS Touch-controlled Wireless Stereo Earphones

QCY T5 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Experience Report


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For a long time, I don’t know if I should write about the QCY T5 experience. Because once it comes to the sound quality of the headphones, I have nothing to say about this $19 earphones. However, according to my afternoon experience, toss, I feel that there is something to say about the actual performance of this hundred yuan true wireless Bluetooth headset that I entered at a treasure QCY official website for $23.89.

Why into this headset? When I was visiting Coolan, I saw a cool friend’s picture. At that time, I felt that there was a drama in the evaluation of this cool tour. Then… then I will pick up my hand. Look at the value of the face, do not say more. I usually use red rice AirDots, yes, that is the 99-meter red rice Bluetooth headset, it was also cost-effective, but it took a long time, I feel that AirDots can’t satisfy me, I need a more Comfortable, more convenient, and sound-efficient, of course, not expensive Bluetooth headsets. As far as the current QCY T5 is worn, it meets the above characteristics.

First of all, talk about wearing comfort, after all, the original intention of most people to buy a true wireless Bluetooth headset is to facilitate the freedom of the wire, to achieve the real “free” purpose. Wearing an afternoon, about 3 hours, the original plastic earphone head cover is just right for my ears, not tight or not, there is no problem of falling off during the whole wearing, but after a long time, it will definitely be loose, I am stuffed. It’s tight, because it prevents sound leakage, and the sound sounds more comfortable. As for the problem of the earphones falling off, the red rice AirDots really left a shadow on me. I bought it the next day and almost fell into the sewer. In terms of comfort, the red rice AirDots3 did not leave a good impression on me. The 3 hours of QCY T5 wearing did not give me side effects such as acid soreness and ear pain, so there was basically no problem in comfort.

Wear the picture, you will see

The next step is the highlight of the Bluetooth headset – delay. The QCY T5 has a low-latency mode that is more effective than the normal mode, and the triggering operation will be mentioned in the following interactions. Yiba tested the delay of QCY T5 by watching 1080P video and playing the king’s glory at station B. The whole test was carried out under the low-latency mode of the headset and the mobile phone only opened 4G mobile network. Because the video delay test requires a reference object, the most direct is the sound and mouth shape of a person talking. The test result is: in low-latency mode, the delay is very low, but there is a delay visible to the naked eye (the average level of yiba is less than 200ms, I estimate). Of course, in normal mode, the delay is still very obvious. It is obvious that the low latency mode will consume more power. In terms of battery life, the music time is 4~5 hours. For more specific battery life types, please see the picture below.

The entire interaction system of QCY T5 is built on the touch panel on the side of the earphone cavity. The feeling of yiba is also the same. After all, the Bluetooth headset communication design ideas of each brand are quite different, basically relying on the number of buttons or touches. And time to control. I don’t mention switching the tracks. I have the following points. I think I can say it. First, the QCY T5 interactive system does not support adjusting the volume through the headphones; second, in the standby or music mode, the three-click left ear can call the voice assistant that comes with the machine (yiba can successfully call the small love classmate of the meter 8 Third, in music or game mode, three-click right ear can enter low-latency mode.

In terms of sound effects, I am dull. I can only make a superficial comparison between QCY T5 and Red Rice AirDots. After all, these two headphones are still comparable, because they are all in-ear, one hundred yuan headphones, and the contrast track has ” Two songs from California Inn and Ferry. If you only talk about the sound chamber, the large QCY T5 still has a big advantage. However, from the feeling that my ears give me, the bass of Redmi AirDots seems to be deeper, and the performance of QCY T5 is slightly flat. Yiba tries to adjust the system volume of different systems, and the result is still the same. However, the vocal performance of the QCY T5 seems to be clearer. For the sound effect, I can only say so much for the time being, thousands of people are for reference.

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