QCY T1C Youth Version Mini Dual V5.0 Wireless Earphones

QCY T1 Youth Edition: A very cost-effective true wireless Bluetooth headset

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On September 3, 2018, QCY T1 Youth Edition was launched on Tmall. In a week’s time, the sales volume has exceeded 3,000. Many users have called “Zhuxiang”, which makes people wonder: Why is it so popular? There is no reason for a good product to burst red, the following small series will take you to understand the reason why QCY T1 youth version burst red:

1: Appearance. The appearance of the earphones is clear and concise, and it is a good choice for users who are looking for a minimalist appearance. The earphones are solid, and the touch pad of the charging compartment or the earphone body adopts a micro-matte touch, which does not leave fingerprints and is very comfortable. There are black and white choices in color, I prefer black. The earphones have indicators, but unlike the previous Bluetooth headsets, the indicators of this Bluetooth headset are usually not lit, and will only be on when there is a match between power on and off, and the indicator colors are white and red. Texture.

2: Charging. Charging on this headset chose to charge the headset in the form of a charging compartment. There is no huge opening on the body of the headset for charging, only two metal contacts. In this way, the durability of the earphone and a certain degree of waterproofing of the life are ensured, and the sweat can be effectively prevented from intruding during exercise, thereby ensuring that the earphone can be accepted by most people. A microUSB cable is included for charging. Although the type-c interface is not used, the cost is reduced and the price is more favorable. Usually, when the earphone is placed in the charging compartment, it will automatically start to be turned off and charged. When the charging compartment is taken out, it will automatically start and match. Is it very user-friendly? When charging the charging compartment, the headset can be charged in the charging compartment, or the charging compartment can be charged separately, which is very convenient. The earphones are sucked into the charging compartment in the form of magnetism. Although there is no hatch cover, the suction is very stable and there is no need to worry about falling! For some friends who are worried about magnetic insufficiency, you can rest assured. Just because there is no hatch cover, it may fall off in normal times, and should be diligently wiped and kept hygienic.

3: Price. As a true wireless headset, qcy will drop the price to the level of 100 yuan, which can be described as the “price butcher” in the field of true wireless headphones, and it is produced in the same generation factory as the airdots of a certain fire. Although the price is $19.99, but the major mall promotions, often can be won at $14.99. And those who have already got on the bus in front of the price of $14.99, shouting “true incense” “what bicycles” can be said, QCY T1 youth version of the airpods one-tenth of the price to achieve airpods 60% experience!

4: Experience. QCY T1 comes with a number of earphone sets, so that different sizes of ears can have a comfortable size. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0, this headset can last up to 20 hours with the charging compartment; the full power of the headset can reach 4 hours, and it can be charged at any time, “with your morning to sunset”, to meet the needs of most people . Bluetooth 5.0 brings not only extremely low power consumption, but also farther distances and more stable transmissions. The “disconnected” situation does not occur as frequently as the previous Bluetooth headset. This headset supports binaural HD calling with HD noise reduction. It is equipped with Raychem’s Bluetooth 5.0 chip, pick up the automatic pairing, complete the connection in an instant, and automatically connect in series. There is no cumbersome operation before, covering a wider age range. Without the entanglement of the wire, it is more comfortable and more free. The experience is excellent. Very good user experience with the price of “real incense”, maybe this is the reason why QCY T1 bursts red!

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