QCY L2 ANC Headphones Active Noise Canceling Headset

QCY L2 Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Evaluation

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A few years ago, active noise reduction was still a very luxurious configuration. It can only be seen on expensive equipment. As the technology matures, it is quickly released to the earphones of the hundred-yuan price. Recently, a QCY has been purchased. L2 Bluetooth active noise canceling headphones, the price is a grandfather, you can say that the price is very powerful, and then a simple out of the box, the end of the article talk about the sound quality and noise reduction experience.

QCY L2 is a money-based Bluetooth headset, suitable for outdoor sports, out of the street, in high-speed rail aircraft and other scenes, hanging around the neck, wearing or removing earplugs at any time, very convenient, do not worry about loss or storage problems. QCY L2 is mainly active noise reduction (ANC). The principle is to collect ambient noise through the noise reduction microphone. After the chip is calculated, the corresponding reverse frequency is generated in real time to offset, and the noise reduction effect is achieved.

The part of the collar is soft and skin-friendly. The overall weight is 30g. The flat wire is designed to prevent entanglement. In addition, this earphone supports IPX4 waterproof. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem in sports sweating.

Pure black, low profile, charging with universal MicroUSB interface, battery capacity is 210mAh, when active noise reduction is turned off, 13 hours of music can be played continuously, and after active noise reduction, it can also have 10 hours of battery life.

The two ends of the collar are respectively a battery module and a wire control module, including a microphone, and a noise reduction chip is also included.

The collar is soft and flexible, and it is not a problem to put it into the bag after bending to a certain extent.

The button area of ​​the remote control module is located on the outside. When the right hand is raised, the thumb can be pressed naturally. It supports common types of operations, such as cutting songs, making calls, and volume adjustment is done by touch. Volume, long press is to reduce the volume, the interaction is relatively new, and this line control is to support the caller’s voice assistant.

Part of the magnetic design of the earplugs, when not in use, can be removed at any time and adsorbed on the chest, should not be dropped, easy to carry.

The earplug part is black with the main body and is equipped with a 12mm size moving coil unit.

Concentric circular CD lines on the surface of the earplugs, exquisite and low-key.

QCY L2 adopts Bluetooth version 5.0, supports AAC high-quality protocol, and is compatible with common devices, including PC, HD player, tablet, mobile phone, etc., and can be switched at any time.

Sound quality feeling: To be honest, the sound performance of this earphone exceeded my expectations. At first, I saw the price. The first thought in my heart was general, but after I actually put it on, it was unexpected. I heard it during this time. The earphones are really very much. The tuning style of QCY L2 is warmer. The amount of medium frequency is very good, but the low frequency is not too much modification. The drums and bass are just sinking, not loud. The sound field and vocals are very open and the details are acceptable.

Noise reduction: There is a noise reduction button on the remote control, which can be switched on and off. This function is very suitable for use in noisy environments, such as buses, subways, airplanes or high-speed rail cars, or street, commercial areas and so on. When noise reduction is turned on, it will immediately filter out 25dB of ambient noise and enter the immersion. As long as there is no excessive noise around, it will not disturb you, but it is not recommended to use headphones for safety outdoors.

Voice Assistant: Most mobile phones now have their own voice assistant function. The common ones are iPhone Siri, Xiaomi mobile phone, and so on. After long press the multi-function button on the headset, you can wake up the voice assistant and pass the line control. The microphone allows for fast voice control.

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