PSP 3000 2000 Li-po Charge Battery Crystal Case Kit-W


PSP 3000 2000 Li-po Charge Battery Crystal Case Kit-W

Now that you have purchased PSP3000 host, then the corresponding naturally have a variety of devices in place, and today we have to conduct evaluation of this Lok Po PSP2000/PSP3000 crystal shell can host your PSP (2000 or 3000) the perfect protected. Highlights of this product are:

High strength and light, comfortable to play games
Perfect support PSP3000, compact design intimate
Film stent design, convenient and comfortable children thought of the film
UMD protection appropriate, pick and place convenient to all CD-ROM
Large open design, USB devices perfect support

In the end it really easy to use? Now we take a look at this product with it.

Le Bao positive use of primary colors red and blue commonly used brand, the overall packing smart and generous.

Back to the product manual, a few simple illustration with text to this full-featured shell crystal display for everyone. Loose the top of the space design, and the UMD movie bracket openings are designed to position the highlight of this product.(psp2000 crystal shell)

Product label indicate that the peripheral side of the corresponding host PSP2000 and PSP3000. This product is actually tailored for PSP3000, PSP2000 just take a ride only.

Lower right product for the Lok Po square logo. Also clear from the front to see the corresponding openings PSP3000 microphone design, would like to use PSP to call a friend, do not worry about being protective shell built-in microphone plug friends.

Product side, the PSP’s memory stick at the left side of the host, so the crystal when the shell is particularly in the design of a large enough space set aside, PSP still put crystal shell can be easily replaced after a memory stick.

Bottom bracket shell to open the crystal, the entire product that can stand about 70°angle on the desktop. If the PSP is being released at this time the film, not that cool thing.(psp 3000 crystal case)

Silver PSP3000 shell into the crystal, no incompatibilities. The sake of the crystal shell, PSP a whole lot of weight also increased. As part of the depression PSP design of the host keys, which makes the machine feel better.

After opening the bottom of the frame, watching movies more convenient.

UMD cover design by separation, for the UMD disc players PSP3000 is indeed a very convenient design (I believe a lot of players on hand PSP3000 UMD discs will have some more or less right.)

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