Portable LED Desk Reading Lamp


Do you like reading? If yes, there must have a reading lamp on your desk table. Reading lamps are lamps which have been designed specifically for reading, to make reading easier and more comfortable while reducing eye strain. These lamps can also be used more generally for task lighting at a desk or workbench, since the same traits needed in a task light are present in a reading lamp.

Reading Lamp

There are a number of different styles of reading lamps. Some people like to use book lights which clip directly onto a book or a book tray. Other reading lamps are meant to be placed or mounted on a table or nightstand, and it is also possible to find reading floor lamps.

So, here are two nice reading lamp for you. One is a Mini LED Reading Desk Lamp, this mini reading lamp with natural, soft and evenly light, it is perfect as a reading light and also good as a baby bed light. Its unique clamp design is suitable for different beds, shelves and office screens. Besides, the lamp can be powered by a lithium battery or 4 * AAA batteries and it is great for emergency situations or outdoor activities. Here is a picture of this nice lamp:

Reading Lamp

The other one is a Rechargeable 32 LED Table Desk Lamp. This lamp with exquisite appearance, is not only a desk lamp, but also a portable LED light for outdoor activities. Moreover, its Lamp base can charge your smartphone(such as IPhone 5/4S/4, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2…), tablets, etc. through USB port if you connect it to power. You can see this lamp from the picture below:

Reading Lamp

Reading Lamp is a necessary for us, if you are going to buy a reading lamp, this two types is a good choice for you. We have a promotion of the 32 LED desk lamp, you can get 21% discount for this one in the last three days. Don’t miss it!

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