Whopping Price iPhone 4 Head the List Top 4 Influential Phone Models


Time flies, the year 2010 will soon be over, the year in which the mobile phone market has undergone enormous changes. iPhone 4 release, Android’s raised, Windows Phone 7 of the hit, have let the market continue to smoke. And also the birth of a variety of influential models, the most representative than the continuing high price of the iPhone 4, and it will be the targets of the development of smartphones into the low stage. Not only that, Apple iPad, HTC HD2 other models, it always affects the market. Then in 2010, how do these models is the most influential, following the writer to take stock of these models.

Said influence, Apple iPhone 4 in 2010 can be described as an all-powerful model, and its emergence as the ads say the same words in the “change everything again.” Leading indicators will be smart phones and more with the higher areas, such as 960 × 640 resolution, 9.3 mm ultra-thin body and so on. And its first three generations of iPhone has a higher than market attention, while also setting a high price in China is still in “hard to find a machine” situation.

Not only that, Apple iPhone 4 also uses the latest iOS 4 intelligent operating system, compared with the previous system version adds multi-tasking, folders and other users of highly anticipated features. It is worth mentioning that the hardware configuration of the aircraft also been a qualitative leap, which uses a processor clocked at 1GHz, so that the machine runs very satisfactory.

Samsung I9000 mobile phone this year has a very high impact in the market, it is the first network covers the entire smart phone, which were I909 (telecommunications Edition I9000), I9088 (China Unicom Edition I9000), I9008 (mobile I9000), This strong camp to make it straight popularity soared. Moreover, the international version of I9000 also revised machine market has been appreciated by many players, robust hardware to make it the king of the throne of reelection.

Here we look I9000 strong configuration, the fuselage with a piece of material 4.0 inches Super AMOLED display, the display is not only very good material, but also very energy saving. In addition, the processor modules, I9000 used S5PC110 processor speeds up to a 1GHz, and also built the Power VR SGX540 graphics chip.

Presumably concerned about the mobile phone market, Motorola Milestone friends will understand, although the machine is not listed on the models this year, but it shine this year. If you can only use one word to describe it, I think the “classic” is the word at the right enough. The arrival of its mobile phone giant slumbering again awakening, its influence can imagine how powerful.

Motorola Milestone appearance with a stylish atmosphere, the whole highlight domineering. Sliding full keyboard of the body design, allows users to operate more convenient. In addition, Android smartphone operating system provided a robust expansion of Milestone ability, users can easily find your favorite network software.

HTC HD2 T8585

HTC HD2 T8585 the influence in 2010 is second to none flagship model, which combines the performance from the point of view, you can use the “God Machine” to describe. While the Windows Mobile operating system has been gradually declining, but it can run the Android operating system has become the focus of everyone. Online also reported that it and the operating system running WP7 video, if it come true HD2 will become a true Triple Crown. It also created a precedent for cross-platform system, I believe this trend will become the future development of smart phones.

HTC HD2 design stylish atmosphere, and its fuselage as a 4.3-inch display with a resolution of up to 480 × 800 pixels, and the back of the mosaic of a 500 million pixel camera, there are excellent photo results. In addition, 1GHz processor with 512MB ROM, 448MBMB RAM memory combinations, the operating speed for the aircraft to provide a strong guarantee.

These are the most influential models in the 2010 inventory, believe they have been in the hearts of friends, leave a deep impression. I remember most of them to the models are, Apple iPhone 4, Samsung I9000, HTC HD2 T8585 and several other models, their influence affects all market trends. I’m looking forward to next year’s upcoming new models, don’t know what would cause the mobile phone market impact, we’ll see.

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