Training Your Pet Has Never Been More Convenient!

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Want to train your pet to control barking? Want to let him to stay with in boundaries and to follow your commands? Aetertek Pet Training System can help you.This Wireless Electronic Fence has 0-50 meters/0-55 yards adjustable wireless control range. The collar is waterproof and rechargeable and has three correction modes(beeps, vibrations and shocks) that will serve to warn and deter the pet. After proper training, the pet will stay inside the flagged zone to enjoy yard activities around the house and you will not worry about they go astray. This system will surely become your beloved fence for the best protection of your pets.

But how this master controller works?

1. The master controller should be placed somewhere that will send the signals within the desirable zone.

2. Test the signals and mark the border to set the wireless fence.

3. Train your pet to understand the warnings and stay inside the control zone.

After certain training by leash or remote control training system with beep/vibration/shock mode, your dog will associate the signs(flags) with the the signals(beeps, vibration or shocks). They will learn to better stay away from the flags. Otherwise the unpleasant stimuli(vibration/shocks) will follow. To make the wireless fence to work effectively, the pet has to be trained.

As we know this system comes with an electronic collar with sets of both long hair and short hair probes for use with just about any breed of dog. The collar is waterproof so you can continue training in all weather conditions.

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