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Personal experience comparison between iPhone XR and Xiaomi 10


I have used the iPhone XR for a year. I have to say that the experience of the iPhone XR is actually very good, especially after the combination of software and hardware of A12 + iOS 13, the daily use is stable and smooth, I do n’t know what it is called. Stuttering, coupled with the influence of Apple’s ecology, iPhone and AirPods, iPad and other devices can be seamlessly connected and switched, the experience is great.

However, the iPhone XR as a cheap machine has no texture at all, such as a thick body, cheap color matching, matte aluminum alloy frame, and wide black borders. It always feels like the last era. product. Coinciding with the arrival of the new machine wave in 2020, the author couldn’t help but start with a Xiaomi Mi 10, and the bright screen showed that the gap between the two was too big!

First of all, in terms of appearance, the overall texture of Xiaomi Mi 10 is more refined than that of iPhone XR. Both the front and back are curved glass. In addition, the metal frame in the middle has a round transition processor. The texture of Samsung S10 +. In terms of appearance, the only thing that needs to be spit is Xiaomi 10. In order to open up the gap with Xiaomi 10 Pro, the back uses a shiny glass material. Compared with the 10 Pro’s frosted glass, it is easier to stain fingerprints, and the texture is a bit cheap.

The gap between the two after the bright screen is too big. The iPhone XR looks ugly at first glance, but because it is a four-sided equal-width design, it will dilute the presence of black edges after a long look. And Xiaomi Mi 10’s first eye screen ratio is very amazing, the four sides of the control are extremely narrow, and the small digging area is smaller. However, what needs to be fluted is that the digging hole of Xiaomi 10 is not within a concentric circle with the screen R angle, which makes it impossible to ignore the existence of digging holes. When watching the video, the existence of digging holes can not cover the entire screen, watching a bit awkward.

The screen may be limited by cost reasons. Xiaomi does not use a 2K resolution screen. It uses a 6.67-inch 90Hz refresh rate screen. The look and feel of the screen is very transparent, and the 90Hz blessing has a smooth feel when sliding the list. Began approaching the iPhone. In addition, the brightness performance of this screen is very good, and the screen can still be clearly seen in the sun. Overall, it can be praised.

In addition, in order to impact the high-end, Xiaomi Mi 10 has made its functions very comprehensive. It uses symmetrical dual speakers and horizontal linear motors. The dual speakers can obviously feel the immersive presence, and the linear motors are “DaDa” The texture is also strong. However, compared with the iPhone XR, I still feel that the iPhone XR is better in terms of sound and texture, and that Apple is more complete in adjusting the motor and system interaction than Xiaomi. In terms of performance and battery life, there is no need to worry about Xiaomi Mi 10, especially the super large battery of 4780mAh in terms of battery life completely frees the anxiety of battery life.

In general, the overall hardware configuration of Xiaomi 10 can absolutely crush the iPhone XR, but it feels that Xiaomi 10 is far less powerful than Apple in terms of software and hardware integration, hardware adjustment and optimization, and Apple can always maximize the use of hardware. The potential of this, Xiaomi Mi 10 still has to continue its efforts. The other is the gap at the system level. Although MIUI 11’s fluency experience is getting smaller and smaller than iOS, iOS still has a great advantage in the details that affect the experience.

Who do you think is better or worse?

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