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PaMu Slide wins 2020 German Red Dot Design Award

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Recently, the results of the 2020 German Red Dot Design Awards were officially announced. PadMate PaMu Slide True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, with outstanding design concepts, outstanding innovative features and outstanding appearance, were submitted from 6,300 countries in more than 60 countries Many works stand out and won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award.

The Red Dot Award, together with the German “iF Award” and the “IDEA Award” in the United States, is also known as the three major design awards in the world, and is known as the “Oscar” of the industrial design session. The Red Dot Award is faithful to “finding good design and innovation”, and only awards “works that stand out from the like by virtue of extraordinary design”, which is widely recognized as a symbol of international design excellence.

In 2020, Padmate sent Meite Happy News again and again. In February, PaMu Scroll won the [2020 German iF Design Award] for its unique scroll appearance and excellent manufacturing process; in March, PaMu Slide won the [2020 German Red Dot Design Award], This is also recognition and praise of Padmate’s product design philosophy and innovative technology.

Padmate focuses on innovative audio and smart hardware products, and uses technology and design to create personalized experiences. The design team pays attention to the emotional communication and user experience between the product and the user, listens to the pain points of the user, feeds back the product design, and optimizes the user experience.

Speaking by strength, simplicity is not simple

1.Dual microphone call noise reduction makes the call clearer

PaMu Slide has dual microphones, the main microphone picks up human voice, and the auxiliary microphone picks up environmental noise. The artificial software filters intelligent noise to provide users with the best listening experience. Clear calls even in a noisy environment. This function effectively solves the user’s difficulty in talking in a noisy environment, and is also the most popular feature point of PaMu Slide.

2.Born for battery life, 10 hours long battery life

Using Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm chip QCC3020, combined with Padmate’s unique power optimization technology, to achieve 10 hours long battery life. It can be used with the charging box to achieve a long battery life of 60 hours. Different from the short 5-8 hours battery life on the market, with the absolute advantage of super long battery life, it solves the travel pain points of the travelling crowd, and has a wireless anti-charge function. It can charge mobile phones in an emergency at critical times.

3.Legendary sound quality, precipitation and sublimation, classic of moving circles

The newly developed 6mm dynamic coil speaker further enhances the affinity of the middle frequency, especially the human voice; the compound 6 micron diaphragm with beautiful vocals, the treble is also light and flexible, the details are rich, the bass efficiency is extremely high, and the dive depth reaches 10HZ , To the ultimate hearing.

The incisive sound quality makes listening to music a trivial matter, and it also makes it a kind of life enjoyment.

Exquisite design, online value

1.Magic decompression slider design

PaMu Slide uses a simple design language to create a smooth slider innovation experience. It cleverly uses the characteristics of elastic fabric / leather surface and hides the power indicator light package, which makes the product more simple in appearance and at the same time increases the fingertip touch when the slider is opened! With the industry’s first wireless charging output charging function, it can provide emergency charging guarantee for mobile phones.

2.Water drop type ear structure, comfortable to wear without falling

Starting from life, we value the user experience. The drop earplug patent (patent number -zl201830083782.9), achieves the maximum fit with the ear canal, and minimizes the pressure on the ear canal. The outline simulates the ear canal of the human ear, the circumference is uniformly stressed, and the upper part of the earplug is designed to prevent detachment, which can maintain tension during the loosening process. The non-slip design of the lower part of the earplugs can better fit the ear canal under the action of gravity. It is made of safe and soft material, which is comfortable and non-feeling.

Adapt to the age, the creation is a beam

PaMu Slide adheres to originality in the serious homogenization wireless Bluetooth market, and constantly develops the unique style belonging to Padmate. This time, he returned with honor in the Red Dot Award and deserves his name. With its ingenious product design and innovative technology, PaMu Slide has become the four crown winners of the overseas crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, breaking four records including the highest number of Indiegogo supporters, and winning multiple awards in the international design field. (2019 Korea K-Design Award Design Award, 2019 Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award)

Padmate re-defines the audio-visual leisure way through “incorporating a healthy way of technology, art, and health,” to create high-tech products with high personalization and cultural value, making each headset a work of art !! It is hoped that this award will be a huge boost for Padmate’s brand development, break people’s stereotypes of “Made in China”, and show the strength of Chinese brands to the world with Chinese design.

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