Outdoor hiking, you need these equipment

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Autumn is the harvest season, and it is also a season suitable for tourism. See how beautiful the golden gingko avenue and the red leaves of the mountains, how can such an intoxicating beauty not attract us to go hiking? For hikers, hiking can bring a great sense of satisfaction except the beauty scenery along the way. So what equipment do you need for outdoor hiking?

1. A pair of comfortable and durable outdoor shoes and sportswear
Sneakers must be waterproof, breathable and comfortable. Sportswear needs to be lightweight, warm, breathable and quick-drying.

It is important to choose a fully functional backpack that requires a well-designed carrying system, a highly scalable loading and unloading system, and the ability to withstand rain, reflection and wear. There are all kinds of necessities in the backpack, such as clothes, food, water, sleeping bags, and first aid kits. Outdoors, the backpack is your mobile home, try to make as much dry and pure water as possible.

3. Trekking pole
Two trekking poles provide a good balance. As you move forward on the rugged mountain road, the trekking poles balance, reduce accidents and help reduce knee vibrations during downhill. Trekking poles can reduce damage to the body.
4. hat
A general sports cap is enough. If you go to the mountains, you have to find a warm hat. It is best to wear ear protectors. You must know that more than 50% of the body’s heat is scattered from the head and neck.

5. Glasses
UV protection eye protection

Determine the direction of the scene and assist with the map.

Swiss army knives with various functions such as knives, bottle openers, saws, magnifiers, etc. are all good choices. If your situation is serious, you need a special saber. You can use it to protect yourself and use it to cut vegetables for cooking.

8.Garbage bag
Collect your own trash

9. First aid kit
However, it is important to pay attention to the purchase of first aid kits with obvious red cross marks, which require disinfection, cotton swabs, gauze, bandages, insect repellents, alcohol cotton balls, general medicines and other items.

10.camera and mobile phone
Helps you record the scenery along the way, keeping you in touch with the outside world

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