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Original starter finally no need to grab – Xiaomi Bluetooth audio transmitter

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Xiaomi Mall is launching a brand new accessory product today: Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. Xiaoyu just didn’t understand when he saw it. What is the use of this thing? After reading the introduction of Xiaomi, he did not hesitate to place an order. And the first delivery of goods today, the volume is relatively sufficient, basically do not have to grab, calmly place orders.

The overall price of the product with a price of 99 yuan is simple, PVC transparent shell, and the product can be seen from the outside to the inside.

The product is equipped with a 3.5mm jack that can be connected to wired headsets, headsets, stereos and other products for wireless Bluetooth transmission and control. In fact, it is a Bluetooth transceiver.

At the same time, the receiver has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be easily used for 4-5 hours at a full charge. In the half-day use, the transmission performance is very good, it is easy to promote a headset, and the sound quality is also a good guarantee.

At the same time, while taking into account the Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, it is also possible to control the headset device and answer the call. But the only drawback is that the product itself does not have a microphone, which means that after the phone is connected, you need to use the phone on the phone or the headset to make a call.

In the transition period when the 3.5mm interface is gradually abandoned, one side is not willing to let the earphones that have spent hundreds or even thousands of oceans eat the soil, and there is a reality that the 3.5mm interface has to be canceled. Such a product can still be temporarily To play some alternative roles, but for long-term students, Xiaoyu still recommend buying a Bluetooth headset, after all, Bluetooth headset is the future development trend.

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