Nintendo Wii Accessories


Nintendo Wii Accessories next-generation console has a new handle the Wiimote and let the game developers and peripheral manufacturers around the business have a broad prospect. For Wii game development features to develop more unique mode of operation of the dynamic game, peripheral manufacturers can license a single fill a prescription also developed more into a sense of the corresponding peripherals.

The developed specifically for the Wii have a Wii controller accessories tennis racket, a baseball bat, a golf club is exactly corresponding to Wii SPORTS Wii Sports, and several other types of games, this is the perfect complement to these games peripherals, although no actual effect, but with these molds, I believe that it will be more players to play the real sense of involvement.

Believe that gamers who played Wii sport is very interested in this product are on the right, with this product to be free to put your hand into a Wii accessories game tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club, racing steering wheel.

A tennis racket, a baseball bat, a golf club these represent? Do not misunderstand, I’m not a physical exercise, these are Wii-specific controller accessories. First, a brief introduction to you Wii, it is with the xbox360, PS3 Mainstay next generation video game world can be said that since it was promulgated by the media has been widespread concern, and the players, the degree of attention to it than the xbox360 and PS3 to, can be said to be not less, was launched in 2006 Nintendo next-generation video game console, in addition to the handle of innovation with new gameplay, but also the old games to play before the game.

Tennis (1-4 people)

Hand holding the racket as the actual players, like, waving remote control handle. Before we can set up during the game play on a variety of speed and angle positions, respectively, play the corresponding landing position interface. In addition, we do not worry about chasing tennis run, game players will automatically help you to position the ball, the player can only play swing.

Baseball (1-2 people)

Wii remote-style controller for the equivalent of a baseball bat. Play play with the timing and speed of the ball, hit the ball out of the track will be totally different. Battle mode in two, one pitch, the other play, it seems that made us worthy to play Oh.

Golf (1)

Its basic principles and the same as the first two sports, we handle the remote control as a golf club, swing speed and intensity will affect the ball’s orbit. The beginning may be a little uncomfortable, you can practice more in the practice mode.

In addition to the three other sports, Nintendo still shooting, table tennis, boxing and other sports, which are welcomed by the players.

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