Track Your Activity with Nike+ Fuelband


What’s Nike+ Fuelband? Think of it as Nike’s attempt to fairly measure activity levels in a way that counting steps or calories can’t measure. Counting steps to measure activity gets derailed when people are doing non-step activities, like stand-up paddleboarding. As for counting calories, a large man will burn more calories than a small woman — even if they are doing the same level of activity — by virtue of the fact that the man is larger and thus expending more calories.

Nike+ Fuelband measures your every day activity, tracks each step and calorie burned.It is more and more popular in our life now, the Nike+ FuelBand seems not so different from other gadgets on the market that track a person’s movement — including the Fitbit and Jawbone UP. The features are comparable, although the FuelBand doesn’t give you an optimized alarm based on sleep patterns, like the others. In fact, the key differentiator of the FuelBand is not hardware or a feature; it’s the point system created in conjunction with the gadget. It’s called NikeFuel, and at first glance it seems totally arbitrary.

So, why invent a measurement that doesn’t correspond directly to distance traveled, calories burned or another physical metric? Nike’s goal, actually, is not to be a measure of hardcore fitness, but to provide a sense of accomplishment for regular people doing everyday activities. To create this type of motivation, Nike needed to provide users with a metric that would enable comparisons — no matter what height, weight, gender or activity — to past performance, another person (read: competition), or a daily average, which happens to be 2,000 Fuel points.

As NikeFuel is a proprietary measure, Nike has some secret sauce involved in calculating it. Mashable took a deeper look at the tech Nike is using to identify activities and the process of turning that into NikeFuel.Life is a sport,take it count, let’s see how active we are and get motivated to move more.Join shopping NikeFuel trends==>

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