Better, Faster and More Efficient — New System of Logistics Department


In order to offer better, faster and more efficient services for our customers, Logistics Department has performed new system. They take new measures in making better protect to customer’s parcel and optimizing order processing. Now let us learn more about the new system of Logistics Department.

1.Better Protect of customer’s Parcel

For the purpose of making better protect to customer’s parcel, now the Logistics Department use blue plastic box to place parcels. The blue plastic box has excellent wear-resistant and press-resistant features, so customer’s parcel can enjoy the unique and thoughtful protection when delivery.

Blue Plastic Box(1)

Blue Plastic Box(2)

2.Optimize Order Processing

The Order Processing contains orders sorting, parcel packaging and order entry. There are some people do orders sorting, some people working with parcel packaging and other people working with order entry in the old system. Now the new system has a little change. People are sorted into groups, 2 persons as 1 team. Each team is responsible to complete orders sorting, parcel packaging and order entry. For example if your team is distributed 200 orders, now orders sorting, parcel packaging and order entry of the 200 orders is responsible for your team. This clear responsibility, a great mobilization of the enthusiasm of the staff.

Parcel Packaging

Orders Sorting

Order Entry

Success depend on detials. From the Better Protect of customer’s Parcel to the Optimize Order Processing, we just working hard to fulfill our commitments to customers, providing better and faster more efficient service. Shopping online from TOMTOP, we are Reliable and Professional China Wholesale online store.

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