New Look of the Logistics Department


The Logistics Department is an important part of our company. The work here is so busy and heavy that the colleagues always neglect the arrangement of the environment. It was a common scene in the department that the boxes and tools scattered around etc which presented a scene of chaos and lowered our efficiency. The leaders of our company were so concerned of the case that they launched a large scale of clean-up and came to the Logistics Department personally to supervise and instruct the project. Now, let’s have a look of the new look of our Logistics Department by following the camera shot.

An overlook of the Logistics – Neat and orderly

The pictures were taken by the photographer before the department get to work. The boxes had been put in order and the package table had been clean up, a scene of neat and good order which used to be in a mess.

The colleagues of the Logistics Department are working orderly

The hardworking colleagues of the Logistics Department

The pictures were taken by the photographer when the department is running. From the pictures we can easily see the Logistics Department has put on an entirely new look after the renovation. We also learn from the colleagues of the department that their work has been speeded up with high standard and orderliness after the renovation.

A house that satisfies both the hosts and the guests must be a neat and tidy place. It is hard to imagine a life in a place that is stuffed with clothes, shoes, socks, brooms, bowls and dishes. The Logistics Department is just like a house, a home – a home that all the colleagues of the department live in. The neat and tidiness of the home needs the effort of each member of the department for the reason that a casual drop of a tool knife which makes the work easier at the moment but brings endless troubles and the waste of time and energy latter may be enough to destroy the entire orderliness of the department.

Success is originated from the good habit. A good habit is not easy to come into being. The maintain of the new look of the department needs the effort of the whole department members, and we hope that each member can devote himself to maintain the orderliness of the department in order to improve the efficiency, to create a positive image of our company.

Postscript: From the collating of data and the clean-up of our environment we can get a better understanding of the pattern of mind and behavior of the person. Just as the old saying goes, “We can’t clean up the world with dirty hands”. Only by molding a good habit can we guarantee our work be accomplished with high efficiency and our coherence of dealing the other issues when something unexpected happened.

(Edited by Linksempire, Photographer is Xie Zhenfei)

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