Multifunctional Mini Electronic Keyboard Music Toy, $11.99 Only

Big Discount

37 Keys Multifunctional Mini Electronic Keyboard Music Toy with Microphone for Children Kids Babies Beginners Educational Electone Gift Only $11.99Coupon Code: MINI3

Each button on this mini keyboard has a different function. It can practice finger strength, children’s imagination, hand-eye coordination, will bring happiness to children.

Lightweight, small size, durable.
37-key electronic keyboard.
1 power button to control on and off.
1 volume button for switching between high and low volume.
1 pitch button for controlling the 3 sounds of the keyboard, accordion and piano.
1 effect button for controlling 2 normal keyboard sound effects and extended tremolo.
1 Rhythm button to toggle between fast and slow tempo.
1 stop button to stop tempo playback.
1 Demonstration of a demo button.
1 demo All buttons 24 demo playback.
Practice 1 rhythm/tempo button for 8 rhythmic accompaniment.
1 speakers provide loud, clear and melodious sounds.
1 mountable microphone to connect the keyboard and speaker sound.
The back of the keyboard has a groove for easy storage of the microphone.


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