Handheld game consoles with MP5 player


This is a very amazing gadget it is specially very famous among the teenagers .It has gaming facility as well as MP5 features  all in one device and this fact makes it very unique. It is practical and portable. It is one of the best hand held game consoles. A handheld game console is a small,  lightweight, compact and portable electronic gadget which has a  built-in screen along with game’s controls and speakers . Handheld consoles are   run on  small machines , thus allowing people to carry them easily  and play them whenever they want.

Games are a very vital part of life.  Many games have been around since the creation of human being . With the passage of time many changes have  been made in the ways of playing  games. Today a  wide range of  games  is available for a person to choose from. In the past only outdoor games were  usually preferred  by the people but today, technology has provided us with a very simple  and  amazing alternative , the video games. All types of  games are usually used as a source of entertainment . Although video games have restricted our activities to indoor games only, but they are very incredible and pleasurable to play. Another astonishing wonder of technology in the world of gaming is the video game console.

A video game console acts as an entertainment computer  that creates a video display signal , which  is  used  with a display device  in order to display a video game. Video game console is a term used to differentiate a device designed for customers to purchase and use entirely for playing video games. Unlike video game consoles, in a handheld game console , the controls, screen and speakers are all component of a single item.

Handheld game console with an MP5 player is a blessing to have. This specific model of   game console is very wonderful to own. It acts as a total package of entertainment. You can play games where ever you want and when you get bored  you can always switch to  MP5 mode for listening to music. The unique features of this game console make it even more desirable. Some of the features are mentioned below.

Casing and  design

The body of this device is made up of strong plastic . It adds more  grace to the console. It has a rocker design and availability in three colours –white, black and pink – attracts  video game lovers of all ages from both genders.

Other features

It doesn’t have a mobile TV , but a 1.3 mp camera is present with the help of which you can click photos where ever you want.

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