Comment on Movie Inception: Reality and Dream, Honesty and Dishonesty, Who Could Distinguish?


How incredibly wonderful it is! Some specialists who are engaged in movie review gave 100 percent satisfactory to this movie, Inception.

The movie has complicated plots, which is called the high IQ one. I have my puzzles settled only after having read a lot of commentaries.

As a matter of fact, there is no need to know much details about dream because man still has a long way to go if he wants to find out the logic and rules of the unknown world. As a viewer, what you need to understand is its main ideas. The story goes like this:

The hero and the heroine were experts working in dream investigation. While investigating in one level of the dream, the heroine was so absorbed in the romantic world where people could control everything that she was unwilling to return to the reality. In order to drive the heroine back and make her know it was just a dream, the hero worked out a way. That was to lured her go back to the reality with him through lying on the rail to commit suicide. But an aftermath left after having done this. The heroine still doubted that it was one level of the dream even though she was in the reality. Therefore, She tried to go back to the real ‘ reality ’. How could she do? Through the mean of committing suicide! Then, she indeed committed suicide by jumping from the high building.

On the other side, the hero, after finishing the unbelievable task, regained freedom and reunited with his family. However,at that time it was him began to doubt whether it was in the reality or not.

The enlightenment of the movie is all-dimensional. Different people may have different views. But what struck  me so deeply is that in life honesty and dishonesty are so difficult to distinguish.

For a company engaged in E-commerce, its sellers and buyers all exist behind the Internet, which increases the likely of bumping into cheaters. The Internet is filled with cheat, lies, complaint. Companies that are honest and dishonest are all marketing themselves by every means through the Internet. How our innocent customers can distinguish it!

Our China Wholesale Center company has been engaged in Internet Marketing since 2004. From the set up of our company, we are dedicated to preserve our credibility very cautiously. However, a minor problem may lead into a major crisis later. For example, the miss of a mail because of busyness, the delay of  goods because of the physical distribution company’s delay, the return of goods because of the unclear address, the suspension of  goods for the examination of the customs, or the misuse of the products, the retaliatory remarks spreaded by cheaters ect, and all these may result in the suspicion and caution of the customers. A minor misunderstand is enough to turn them into badly frighten persons to cry being cheated.

So, honesty and dishonesty are always mixed. We have no choice in front of such a sorrowful thing!

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