Model Toy is beneficial for Children

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Firstly, children’s toys can arouse the enthusiasm of the their activity, which can achieve the development their body and mind. Toys can be free to play with, manipulation, and use. They are appropriate for young children’s mental interests and ability levels and can meet the needs of their activities, and improve the enthusiasm of the activity. For example, “baby” toys, can make children do a variety of activities, like games, from the simple to the complex according to their life experience.

Secondly, children’s toys can promote the activities of the various senses and the perceptual knowledge. The characteristics of image with intuitionistic toys, children can touch, and, to listen, to blow, see case diagram, etc, be helpful for various senses of training. Building blocks, JiSu piece, structure model can development space consciousness; All kinds of puzzles, set with toys, soft plastic toys can exercise touch feeling; Pull the duck, trolleys, tricycles, car two wheels, etc and help the development of motion perception. Toys, in the development of the sports ability feeling, at the same time not only enriches the children’s perceptual knowledge, and help to consolidate the impression gained in life. They know the world through the toys before they contact with real life.

Thirdly, the intuitive vivid and the authenticity life of children’s toys, can stimulate children’s association ability. Such as all kinds of chess, all kinds of intelligence toys, can improve their comprehensive analysis, comparison, judgment, inference ability, thinking depth, flexibility and agility.

Fourth, children think and imagine actively in the use of toys and we can see it through their hand or other body moves. Like to play “JiSu” toys, children need to conceive, imagine, and to choose materials. When beginning to assemble, they need to use hands and also brain. When they meet some difficulties, they will be motivated to overcome, and stick to complete the task, which cultivates excellent quality of the uplifting and overcoming difficulties.
Finally, toys can improve children’s team concept and mutual cooperation spirit. Some children’s toys are required to use together. Such as the “telephone” toys, need conversation between both sides, which can help children learn about life experience and practise cooperation with his partner.

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