Mini Smile Face DVR – Your Best Spy Camera


Since spy cameras become available in the market, there are thousands types of spy cameras flood the market with different designs. From the normal pen, sunglasses, watch to the hat, clock, tie, as a matter of fact, all items you see around maybe a spy camera. Nowadays, there is a cutest spy camera available in the market now. It’s an unique spy camera gadget concealing hidden camera under its hood. The smiley face DVR can take still pictures and also record video and audio on the go. It is online on China wholesale online store TOMTOP as low as $20.97. If you want to learn more information, please continue on your reading.

The smiley face DVR looks like an ordinary happy-go-lucky fashion statement, secretly contains a high definition DVR that can snap pictures at 2048*1536 pixels or even record video with audio at 1280*960. With its built-in battery and upgradeable MicroSD memory, you can not only take this spy camera with you on your person, but you can also snap the camera into the provided car suction stand to record action either insider or outsider a vehicle. The camera even features a convenient TV output for easy playback and it can double as a webcam when not being used on covert assignments. It has multi functions: camera, spycam, DV, DVR, PC camera, long distance audio recorder. Very lovely smile design, lets people relaxed and happy, also can work as a hidden camera. Can sticked on your desk, car, glass, door or table by putting the Smile onto the suitable holder. Can also be wore onto your cuff, pocket, chest of clothes, and even anywhere you like. Support computer time synchronization. Support TF Cards, up to 64GB. Lower power alarm function. Support data transfer through the provided USB cable. With LED indicator. Easy to us, you can use it while you are driving, traveling, attending or holding a meeting.

At $20.97 a piece for the Smiley Face Spy Camera, you can smile to yourself when you get the goods on those troublemakers. Take such a cute smiley face DVR along with yourself, you can start taking record or photo at anytime you want. Gadgets lovers, don’t miss such a cute camera.

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