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  1. Curse the French! Wait I’m French -_-‘I actually loved the igmeary in this video and thought it fit the song. The fact that most of the shots were indoors, likely from the point of view of someone in their bed was very telling, it reminded me of that moment just after you wake when the day seems so long and you wonder what can happen. These indoor, familiar shots of homey comfort followed by a mostly barren tree against a grey obviously right outside your window, which later gives way to a fully verdant tree, blue skies and the sun set(rise?) over a body of water, to me, demonstrates that there is always something more waiting for you, further behind what you can see from your window (either literal window or from your eyes, the windows of your soul). Having the video end in the familiar indoor setting was pitch perfect.I didn’t recognize the film playing in certain shots, so I thought it represented you (as blondie) and the salope as the dark haired girl. You, dressed in colour, want to do something but are in a way at the mercy of your French companion. She, clothed entirely in black, does not want to make the most of the scenery around her and would rather throw stones at seagulls; she enjoys causing pain more than anything.I’m more than likely reading far too much into this, but I haven’t had the occasion to analyze a video in a while. I glad you’re not letting the salope get to you. Tu dois te rappeller que cette salope n’est qu’une petite fille en noir, elle n’a aucune chance contre une femme si belle, sophitique9 et intelligente. As always, your singing is flawless

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