Love e-cigarette, Love yourself


When quitting smoking set off a wave in 2011 in the world, electronic cigarette has become a mainstay in this fashion, it unequivocally display of the some of its importance. So we can say, the approval documents of the government, pending just quit smoking wind, it also whipped up a wave of security smoking cessation. Electronic environmental cigarette, which stands in the market for many years, has become the first choice to get rid of smoking for many smoker. Now let’s become a member in “Love e-cigarette, love yourself”!

Electronic cigarette is similar ordinary cigarette, it can refresh and satisfy the sense of pleasure and mental habits of smokers. At the same time, simulation of smoking does not contain carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, acrolein, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful Substances, electronic cigaretter eliminates the harm of the “passive smoking” for the surrounding crowd, and then truly realize the human health smoking \ tobacco control process.(cigarette injector machine)

Tobacco bring harm to human beings for a long history, now more and more people recognize the dangers of tobacco, and began to try to quit smoking. But quitting is not easy, because the nicotine and the brain’s nicotine receptors, can stimulate the release of the human brain Dopamine, make people generate excitement and feelings of euphoria, so it make people depending Cigarette. Smoking addiction, people have to smoke a cigarette every 30 to 40 minutes to maintain brain nicotine levels. When quit smoking, because the brain Nicolas Dingda not “need”level, there will be feelings of depression, irritability, lack of concentration, and nausea, headaches and other physical discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. So it eventually leading to failure quit smoking. Withdrawal symptoms smokers face physical and psychological double test, global statistics show that most smokers tend to quit in the first attempt will take willpower to quit smoking the traditional methods alone, but after a year later, only 3 % Of people can remain relapse.

The production of green cigarette is a product of social benefit, the cigarette industry may make a impact to the interests of national impact, but for smoking cessation, environmental protection and human health, this is a big step, but not every day we All that smoking is harmful to health, but no real strong action. Which is certainly more important than other, tobacco sales profits of enterprises? people’s health ? living environment? I believe the existence and development of a thing will go further authentication as society Progress.

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