The Story of Resignation


In company, some people stick with their job with passion and dream, some people leave the company because of the excessive pressure or inadequate capacity. Everyone in the workplace has its own story, somebody still hold fast to his own position, and others choose to quite now. Today we are going to interview a departing colleague, let’s listen to his career story!

Editor: When did you join this company?

Hui Lei: Last September. When I joined TOMTOP, the company was in the North Huaqiang. During that period, the office room is small and there were not so many employees, but the enthusiasm and atmosphere was as active as present. After moving to this place, the larger workplace and more employees, so much change, I truly feel the company is full of energy.

interview Hui Lei

Editor: What are you responsible for here?

Hui Lei: My major is visual communication, and I’m a designer in our company. A broad sense, all the relevant aspects of visual design are in my working scope. But for now, my work can generally be divided in four aspects: 1. The company’s internal enterprise culture. 2. the company website advertising images. 3. update shipment and promotional e-mails. 4. the banner ads

Editor: It seems that your job needs strong creativity, how do you feel about yourself in this aspect?

Hui Lei: Yeah, creativity is very important. Designer must have foreseeing ideas. As a commercial design, not only to display own superiority, but also should always concern about the industry trend with further thinking and positioning. In this respect, I am really lack of creativity. I often go the other sites to learn their page design, and I feel that I still have much to learn, but when I’m in progress, others are also in progress. So I often feel that time is pressing.

Editor: As far as I know, though you serve as a designer, but your boss personally get involved into many original designs and do not completely lay all the burden on you, why?

Hui Lei: My superviser is a man persuing perfection, which is the standard he always ask himself and his empolyees ,so he always corrected my job.
As to the question whether he is confident with my job or not, I can only explain that I can design simple product banners, but when coming to the overall designing which requires a good understanding of marketing,which is difficult to me and I often need some directions.
Design is different from marketing. As a marketing company, I must consider many factors, such as location, the audience, the influence etc. Therefore, in the process of design, I often need to convert into different perspective and I often failed to considered every aspects.

Editor: What’s your weakness?

Hui Lei: Shortage, there must be more to count. As a web designer, I’m not good at procedural aspects. And I often work inefficiently because of lack of the design inspiration. Sometimes I am no serious and make mistakes, etc. For the whole process of design, my practical experience is insufficient, etc.

Editor: When we heard you want to resign, we were surprised. why choosing to leave?

Hui Lei: I have been here for one year. This is my first job after graduation, I’m very serious. But for a variety of reasons, I chose to resign. Resignation is normal, few people can contribute his whole life to one company. My profession is graphic design, sometimes I also need a lot of communication and complementary learning. During the days of working in this company, I have made many friends, I will remember them forever.

When interviewing Hui Lei, I can feel his helpless and his reluctance to leave. Through this interview, we should constantly improve our core competence, update our knowledge, and establish our core value in the process of work!

Postscript: Editor know from the administration of company, when Hui Lei joined TOMTOP, he’s just a graduate student, he has improved a lot. In the company meeting, he make a speech as a new employee representative. Especially, he accepts the boss’ criticism and requirement humbly. Unfortunately, he insist on the concept of plane design without marketing design. Anyway, thank him for doing all sorts of work in the company. Congratulate him on finding his plane design work. Hui Lei’s leaving brings us a confusion, whether the environment adapts to us, or we adapt to the environment?

(Edited by Shannon / Photographer Xie Zhenfei )

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