Led T-shirt


Digital Music Led T-shirt is strange new digital products! There music can be light, follow the beat of music! Music T shirt is so amazing!

Digital Music led clothes, is designed for the fashion crowd to build a high-tech fashion product, the clothing, music, the perfect combination of the two together.

Digital music T shirt in the production process is installed in a T shirt chest soft thin light-emitting display (LED chip), the internal one through clothing line and voice data driver connected to your digital music to put on T-shirts, Press the drive button, when your music sounds around me, T-shirt chest immediately following the music rhythm patterns DB strength, the perfect harmony, synchronized flashes beat.

In the beautiful night, when you wearing a digital music T-shirts, whether it is in the bustling commercial street, lighting, charming pubs, clubs to release the passion, or KTV and concerts, will immediately become a flash in the night Star bright! You can also wear digital music T-shirt, open the sound follow the world’s best music alone revel in it!

EL music led clothing used to be the voice in the drive to install four AAA batteries (normal 7 cells), open voice-driven switch (open: ON Off: OFF), and in accordance with the outside world music db size, manually rotate the voice drive the sensitivity of controls, can be adjusted to best flashing effect.

Demolition Mode:

1, first turn off the voice-driven switch (set to OFF).
2, confirmed closed, the drive will be connected to the voice on the cable disconnect.
3, the LED chip unplug the cable port.
4, finally remove the clothing on the luminescence.

Install the reverse order of installation 4-3-2-1, The factory production of music light T-shirt, a sewing-type, there are paste type. Difference between the two: sewing type nice, is not machine washable less, only hand wash.

Machine wash after removing the paste, is the lack of clothing occupies a place with not so beautiful.
1, do not use music T shirt, set the voice drive the battery removed, so as not to cause voice quality due to the battery drive damage.
2, Music T shirt Do not place the drive in wet places, and to prevent direct contact with water to prevent short circuit caused by the product and shorten the life span.
3, luminous film music T shirt Do not bend or fold, in order to avoid light-emitting chip discount.

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