Experience the Next generation’s Laser Barcode Scanner


Laser barcode scanner is a high performance scanner. This scanner is used widely in various fields like postal system, POS system, transportation and physical distribution. This scanner is available in different sizes and shapes. There are so many great features included in this scanner. ABS plastic is normally used as housing material in this scanner. The installation of this scanner is very simple and easy. It has wand emulation and keyboard wedge. It has a very good ergonomic design. The grip feel of this scanner is very comfortable. The interface of the keyboard wedge is superior. This scanner has an automatic compatibility with NOVELL. There is auto detection of the computer type in this scanner.

There are more than 180 configurable options included in this barcode reader. These scanners provide support to more than twenty different keyboard layouts. You can have the map barcode on any key of the keyboard. There is editing option in this scanner as well. You can perform different operations like filtering, insert, and stripping and convert case. There are termination strings and postamble feature in this scanner as well. This scanner has programmable preamble. There are read and non read indicators available in this reader with Buzzer and LED. It can be able to read the code and perform decodeing very easily and quickly. It has an extended support for support of ASCII for 128 bar coders. The good thing about these barcode scanners is that these have low power consumption.

The inclination angle of these laser barcode scanners is 45 degrees and elevation angle is 60 degrees. The visible laser used in the scanners provides 650 to 670 nm light. The scanning rate of these barcode scanners is 33 times per second. This scanner can be able to read up to a distance of 58 cm. These scanners also have decoding capability of different codes like ISBN, Code 39, Code 28, Code 39 full ASCII, UPC/128, UPC/EAN, ISSN, Codabar and Code II etc. These scanners can perform very well between 0 degrees to 50 degrees. The dimensions of these scanners are 160 x 92 x 64 mm. The net weight of the scanner is 240g. These scanners are available in different designs.

These laser barcode scanners can be shared with multiple interfaces by using universal cables. These scanners have hands free or hand held ergonomic design. The performance of the scanner is very good. The users can be able to modify their data with the help of advanced data formatting (ADF) before sending to the host computer. There is free barcode software and barcode font provided with the scanners. There are easy ton use tools used in the scanner which can reduce the startup time and cost. The downtime of these scanners is also fast. The connectivity of these scanners is flexible. You can have increased productivity with these scanners resulting in better customer support and shorter check out lines. These barcode readers have durable scan element design.

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