Lightweight Sexy Lace G String


Go shopping for a new lingerie doesn’t have to be boring anymore, there are lots of sexy outfits and styles that can make buying new items fun. An item that may grad the interest of young women is the Lace G String. This form of pantie is very comfortable to wear and has some great benefits to using them. The g string is actually considered an open panty style – a type of thong in which the back part and sides are simply a string.

The idea behind a g string is to cover up the front area while keeping the buttocks uncovered. The term actually comes from a 19th century word geestring, which was used to describe the loincloths that the native American Indians wore.

This exotic lingerie style is ideal for the women  today for several very practical reasons. First of all, if you are tanning, you will have very minimal tan lines. Women also often wear a red g string to eliminate the possibility of a visible panty line with form fitting clothing. No one wants to see a “granny panty” outline under your slinky sheath! G String Bikini is also lightweight(naturally!) and comfortable during the hot summer months and are a great addition to any women’s lingerie drawer.

G String can be made out of various intimate apparel fabrics or even leather. However, customarily the string that passes through the buttocks is merely covered elastic. The more generalized thong is able to add extra embellishments in the back or even have a wider strip. Nylon, cotton, or lace thongs with Lycra are great choices to look for in intimate apparel fabrics for panties. They are stretchy, but offer support which is needed when there isn’t a lot of fabric there to get the job done. Look for seamless panties to reduce any signs of a panty line.

The important thing is to find the right panty style and fabric for optimum comfort while still looking and feeling incredibly sexy. If, you find gstring bikini is too uncomfortable, you can always try a tanga thong, or even other styles of panty briefs. Many of today’s cotton thongs involve slightly more coverage and less of a “butt floss” feel for added comfort.

Don’t discredit lace g string panties because they look uncomfortable. Give them a try! You might be pleasantly surprised. You may feel more confident knowing that sexy lingerie is lurking underneath your clothing. We can also guarantee that the significant other in your life will be very grateful as well!

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