Open tent as easy as an umbrella–Coyote instant tent

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How long does it often take to construct your tent? Do you need a cool, sturdy tent which is convenient to carry and set up with ease? Coyote instant tent is great choice for you, it is a 3-4 person tent that can be quickly constructed in 60 seconds, very convenient and fast, there is no tent which opens faster and easier than this tent. It is made using one door and three windows design, with poles that come pre-attached to the tent. That means there’s no frustrating assembly and no parts to lose. Simply unfold the tent, spread out the fabric, extend the poles, and click and lock. The only thing easier is rolling out your bag and sleeping in the open. In other words, it would be opened/closed as easy as an umbrella.

This tent is different with the general one,there is a rainfly included in the rent, it is made of 190T polyester waterproof ventilated cloth, can prevent 1200mm rainwater. So this instant tent is a sturdy tent which sets up with ease, has few losable parts, and will keep us dry in the rain. And it is one door and three windows design, so you can open or close window according to the weather, if it is rainy day, you can close it to shelter from the rain, if it is sunny day, you can open it to enjoy the sunshine, so humanized it is!

There is a hook in the top of tent’s inside, so you can put a light on it, with that, you can enjoy the happy time with your friends or family. What’s more, there are two big bags in the rent each side, you can use them to fill your book, mobile phone, wallet and so on. And there are 8 pieces of nails and 4 strips of wind ropes, it can better steady the tent, and prevent from blowing away.The tent is with spacious space, it can put three air mattresses. I have to say this tent is worth to buy, and a great choice for those people who like outdoor activities.

This Coyote waterproof tent is a really cool idea for camping, because it is easy to operate, just remove the tent from its carrying bag, unroll it, pull up the preattached poles and pop out the legs. No need to curse the various assembly components; no getting tangled in various lines and fabric. And taking the tent down is just as easy. Price for this surprising 3-4 person instant tent is only $146.17, want to get more information? Please
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