Ill-Gotten Wealth Is Bless Or Curse?


On May, 27th, 2011, when I confirm the orders from the HOME eBay account, I happened to find that a customer payed 129.98 dollars for an wireless keyboard, whose true price is only 29.98 dollars. I am surprised by this auction, and I communicated with the related department to find out how this happened: This kind of wireless keyboard is out of stock temporarily, so we raised the price to 129.98usd in hoping that our customer will not buy. This unexpected auction did happen-the customer ordered and payed. What’s more, there was just one wireless keyborad left in stock. To be honest, I am very glad that the customer payed for this wireless keyboard at so high price. Actually, under common condition the customers would send an Inquiry before they payed. However, with the following going on, I was becoming diffident and wondering what I was doing is right or wrong. On one hand, I asked my advertiser to check the wireless keyboard; On the other hand, I require the delivery deparment pack the product well, I was so afraid that I cound not stand any error happened. Meanwhile, I was wodering whether I could keep this 100USD or not.

My guilt continued untill my leader talked to me before the workday was over. Subconsciously, I told my leader the whole thing. My leader said nothing much but left me one word whichsuggest me to take a look at the Five words on the back wall of the hall, the words are “Honesty Win The World “. I got what my leader mean inmediately.

The superviser also encourage me to refund 100USD to this customer and told me that this kind of thing is not the first time to happen.I agreed with my lead and superviser and thought that the ill gotten money made me felt guilty. I send my customer an email to specify the trouble we caused to him, and I felt more happy for my customer’s appreciation rather than the 100USD.

Now, I had to preach some basic principles that every one already knew.

I refund my customer the 100USD as soon as I got how I was going to handle this, and the product sold at its real price. The whole thing looked small, however what we are doing or done will influence our company’s image. We should not do anything which will ruin our iamge of honesty.

“Honesty Win The world” is our managment philosophy. We always insist that , whatever the market will be, we will treat our customers sincerity and honesty, and we will get our customers trust with sincere and honesty. To be an honesty company request all of our staff work hard to achive this common goal. We could not do nothing but waiting for the honesty system to be perfect, and we could not release our fragile couting on this system. Waiting could be nonsense. You way will be broad with an not guilty heart: to be an honest man, you will get the other’s trust and what you gain is friendship; Do everything with honest, you will be tough as big river and powerful as sea and what you get will be trust and respect; Honest to life, you will not be afraid of failure and never be impetuous, and we will achive our goal at last. Only high quality service and honesty can bring our company a good fame, wich will ensure our company’s survival under market economy for a long time. Let’s work hard shoulder by shoulder.

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