If I am going to buy xbox 360 now, which version is the best option?


Certainly do not buy with a hard drive. Inappropriate, unless you have more money to buy limited edition, the back can be considered, but not an ordinary player’s choice.

First you see a difference between the versions.

Hong Kong version of the best, was good? Is the same line and domestic 220V, do not change the power supply. Another possibility if the quality of replacement. Note that I said it is possible, provided you buy the Hong Kong store relations (generally add a lot of money.) Or have relatives in Hong Kong can help. Thus resulting in a Hong Kong version of the price is the highest.And many included gifts they provied are awesome, for example xbox 360 silicone skin , xbox quick charge kit

Korean version of the line as to 220V, so the price is higher. But there is no possibility of that replacement. The xbox 360 wholesale price will be cheaper than the Hong Kong version.

Taiwanese and Japanese version of the same price, all you can change the 220V line. But the Japanese version recently Kuangxiang. I am 6 May 1900 yuan to buy the Taiwan version, 256M version, Japanese version is now out of the 512M flash memory version of the new version, the price is his early 1700, 256M 1680 version of the Japanese version of the minimum can win, I was very depressed for a will be, but after their own research, the size of the machine for flash memory is not meaningful, if not installed hard drive, of course, 512M version better, but now looks like not many people do not install the hard drive, right? Keep save tens of dollars to buy hard is not bad.

I have said is A version, and now ordinary players can buy A basic version of the machine, on their own to buy a hard disk, everything OK. I order the hard early Taobao 160G 120G with a good brush box and a Xbox 360 Turbo Controller assembly 360 for free shipping, and now the price to 340. When I bought the original box is not, and now the store 378 for free shipping. Original 120G HDD + original box is 380. Recommended to buy the 160G 378 120G hard brush plus original box. In fact, to pursue cheap, I bought that set of boxes used as well, no problem.

Buy now when the machin, namely xbox 360 rechargeable is the most appropriate, regretting waiting so double 65, etc., and finally came out and waited for a while, and then firmly acquired just 15 days Kuangxiang 200 yuan, ha ha, point back ah, it is estimated that has the lowest price is 360 bits, and no big price cuts, but there may be price increases possible. The cheapest machine in Japan because of Japan’s actual sale price is about RMB 1350. Plus shipping tariffs but also in more than 1600 -1700. Buy now is definitely the most appropriate time. A Japanese version to buy their own version of the machine plus the hard disk to OK.

Upstairs that the lowest risk of the Hong Kong version 3 red, Oh, I do not know where you get the message, the machine are the same, is that the power line are different, but now there is no double 65 three red appear, only E74.



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