Customize an i68 Phone By Yourself


The i68 phone is a quad band GSM phone with a touch-screen, camera, MP3 player and a built-in stereo FM receiver. This phone features a built-in writing pen which allows you to write on the touch screen. It has a built-in music and video player. For increased storage capability there is an SD card slot. This phones allows the user to customize the alarm application and the user profile. The user profile defines the incoming call prompts in different situations. You can create multiple user profiles to quickly change all of the call prompts.

i68 phone

Customize the Alarm Clock For Your i68 Phone

1. Click “Clock” then “Alarm Clock” and the alarm clock list is displayed.

2. Choose any item on the list to configure your own settings.

3. Click the arrows on the sides of the first column to switch the alarm on or off.

4. Enter the alarm time in the second column.

5. Click the arrows on the third column to choose the type of alarm.

6. Click a date and a red cross will appear indicating that date has been selected for the alarm.

7. Click “OK” to save your settings.

Create a Customized User Profile For Your i68 Phone

1. Use the “Up/Down” key to choose the “User profiles” option.

2. Create a “New User Profile” by using the “Direction” key to select the target mode and click “OK” to enter.

3. Click “Activate” then “OK” to activate and confirm your new user profile. The phone will display “Activated” showing that the profile is now active.

4. Customize the user profile by setting the following options:

Ring tone settings–

Incoming calls:

Enter “User Profile” then “Personal Setting” and choose a ring tone.

Power on:

Set up the music for power on.

Power off:

Set up the music for power off.


Set up the message ring tone when a new message arrives.

Volume settings–allowing you to set the volume for ring and keypad tones. There are seven levels available. Enter this function and use the “Up/Down” key for testing and adjusting.

Alert Type settings:

Choose the alert type for incoming calls in different situations.

Ring type settings:

This means how the sound of the ring tones is to be delivered.

Prompts settings:

Choose if you want to be prompted for an alarm sound, errors, network connection sound and when a call connection is activated.

Answer mode:

This enables pressing any key to answer the phone when there is an incoming call.

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