Huawei P10 review: colorful design


Five colors of Britain
Graphite black, mysterious silver, dazzling gold, dazzling blue, green plants
5.1-inch screen for palm-sized graduations
145.3 x 69.3 x 7 mm; 145 grams

In its various iterations, the Huawei P Series has slowly shaped itself into a beautiful-looking, beautiful-looking phone. The 5.1-inch screen size of the P10 has recently entered the phone’s small-scale stand (its number is also slightly smaller than the previous P9), especially with so many phones that are equal to or larger than 5.5 inches. And this is exactly why its P9 predecessor is so popular: not everyone wants a bulky phone, and if you do, there will always be a P10 Plus.

This so-called dazzling blue model has a diamond cut-it takes 8.5 minutes to produce each device, Huawei claims-which can produce a textured, semi-gloss surface. We think the color choice is good, and the rear fingerprint is not a prominent issue compared to phones with lower gloss.

However, it’s a color, as if the texture blocks light reflected from the surface-and it’s not fingerprint or scratch resistant in any way (in fact, the marker can be set deep into the texture and won’t be cleaned up).

Except for the color, the Huawei P10 is not a crazy reimagination of the series; more nip and folding revisions of the P9. The rear camera board is more fluid, spanning the width of the device, and the crossed antenna lines now follow the flow of the body shape-a very neat way to make them almost invisible. The corners of the phone this time are also skewed towards squares, which can soften the overall appearance and make the grip more comfortable.

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