Huawei Honor 7X mobile phone, super configuration cost performance

Huawei Honor 7X mobile phone, super configuration cost performance


Nowadays, in the domestic mobile phone market, Huawei can be said to be a well-deserved big brother. Every model he launches every year has received a lot of attention. Everyone has a lot of hot discussions about Huawei mobile phones. Today I will discuss with the netizens about Huawei Honor 7x. What kind of mobile phone is it? Honor 7x, its display is very good, and the battery life is also surprisingly good. In terms of overall performance, the editors rated it as good.

If you are a person who doesn’t really pursue perfection, but just like to read some novels or movies on the phone, then you can consider this Honor 7x, which is very good in display. But if you are a face value control, or think that the camera is the most important place in a mobile phone, then I advise you not to consider this Honor 7x. The thickness of the Honor 7x is about 7.6 mm and the total weight is 165 grams. It is equipped with the Kirin 659 processor, the operating system uses Android 7.1; the 5.93-inch display, the aspect ratio column is 18: 9; the display resolution is 2160 × 1080, the running memory is 4Gb, the built-in storage is divided into 32 and 64Gb, and the battery is also a mid-range 3340 mAh.

This phone uses a metal structure as a whole, and the edges are rounded, the bottom and top borders are very thick, and the overall design of the phone is very beautiful. Its aspect ratio column adopts an 18: 9 shape, and the frames on both sides have an edge. These frames are enough to increase the beauty of the phone, but they must be thick enough so that when you use it with one hand, the palm will not be accidental. Touch the screen.

On the back of the phone, you can easily find the presence of the fingerprint sensor. The dual lens setting is very prominent. There is a power button and volume rocker on the right side of the phone. It feels very comfortable when the button is clicked. Especially when using the phone with one hand, this phone is very ergonomic and makes your hand feel very comfortable.

In general, this Honor 7x mobile phone has high advantages in construction and design compared with other phones in the same price range. Its 18: 9 display is also a good supplement to this. When we use this phone, there is no program optimized for the new aspect ratio, black bars will appear in the future, at this time you can choose to stretch it to full screen. If there is any dissatisfaction with this phone, it is the sound quality of the speaker. When watching videos and movie trailers, as well as game trailers and talk shows, the sound quality is very mediocre. Even in the background analysis of movie trailers and vocals, it seems very confusing, and it is also the same effect for some music videos.

You can choose the default on the color temperature of the phone, or you can change it manually. Even this phone is set with an eye comfort mode, which can basically automatically filter blue light. Overall, the display on this phone is very good, supporting a fairly wide color gamut. Honor 7x has some very interesting features in its user interface. If you want, you can also use an iOS-like layout like Apple. In this layout, you can display all applications on the home screen, or if you are a person who likes the APP drawer, this option is also possible.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this Honor 7x’s performance is in gaming. If you are playing the kind of casual game, it runs very well, but heavy games like King Honor and Eating Chicken show the incomplete frame rate on this phone. If you want to play medium and large games on this device, you may need to check some other options.

The performance of this Honor mobile phone is not very outstanding, but because of the price problem, it is enough to satisfy ordinary users at this level. There is no disturbing price problem on this phone like other phones. Next, let’s talk about its camera performance. There is a dual camera on the 7x, which is a 16-megapixel plus 20-megapixel camera. If the light is sufficient, the photos and products it produces will only have true colors.

If you are particularly concerned about the performance of the camera on your phone, then I recommend you to consider MIA1, because this Honor 7x camera is not as breakthrough as the Honor 6x, compared with its competitors It belongs to the downwind position.

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