Huawei FreeLace headphones optimized for young people

Huawei FreeLace headphones optimized for young people

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There are a few days left until 2020. Are you ready for the New Year’s gift? Whether it is to treat yourself or give away to relatives and friends, a good gift represents a blessing and hope for the new year. As the leader of the trend in 2019, Huawei’s FreeLace wireless Bluetooth headset not only has a dynamic appearance, but also has one-button Bluetooth, fast reverse charging, 18-hour battery life and other hard core strengths.It has both value and practicality. On the first day of 2020 (the New Year’s Day), there will be a discount of 60 yuan, starting at 439 yuan. If you are also looking for a technology tide to make a year-end gift, Huawei FreeLace headphones may wish to find out.

“Music Necklace”

As its name implies, Free means freedom without restraint. Lace is taken from the English NeckLace (necklace), and the connotation is obvious-the relaxed and unrestrained “music necklace” is equivalent to its poetic alias for its high-looking value, regardless of its trendy bold The color matching, or the comfortable and comfortable detail settings, are suitable for the street or party occasions, are a good fashion sense points.

In terms of color matching, Huawei FreeLace headphones have changed to the standard black and white gray on the market, with five colors: Haoyue silver, ochre black, emerald green, red tea orange, and midsummer purple. Among them, Haoyueyin and Obsidian Black have high-quality color, calm and low-key, more suitable for the refined and restrained of business people, and the other three, passionate red tea orange, retro icy green, fantasy midsummer purple, as 2019 popular colors, Especially sought after and loved by young hipsters, no matter whether they are taking the street or commuting to the workplace, with different people and clothing, they can add a touch of personality to the style.

At the same time, as a neck-mounted headset, Huawei FreeLace cable uses a more flexible memory metal material, which avoids the inconvenience of hanging and entanglement of wired headsets, which is more convenient to store and not to lose than true wireless headsets. The overall weight is only 27g, which is very lightweight. It is worn on the neck, is flexible and skin-friendly, and has no foreign body sensation. Coupled with the magnetic setting on the back of the earbuds, it is automatically adsorbed together to form a closed fashion “music necklace” when not in use. There is no need to worry about the earphones falling off or storing. It naturally and properly integrates into daily use.

Flash fast charging, define new and convenient headphones

Headphones, as the three major commuters of the current workplace, together with masks and mobile phones, are also one of the most frequently used electronic products in daily life. Endurance and convenience are very important. At these two points, Huawei ’s FreeLace wireless headset ’s innovative “one-click Bluetooth” and “reverse fast charging” solutions. By inserting the built-in Type-C interface of the headset into a mobile phone, not only can Bluetooth be paired successfully for one second, but also a mobile phone Recharge the headset in reverse. Therefore, in the case of lack of power equipment such as business trips, travel, etc., the headset can be powered by a mobile phone, and only 5 minutes of charging can play music for 4 hours continuously. resurrection”. In addition, the battery life is up to 18 hours, and the standby time is 12 days (the Bluetooth connection is maintained). The excellent battery life is very competitive in the Bluetooth headset industry. For partners who have a long journey home during the Spring Festival, it is a long journey home. Companionship.

Tri-band equalization

The personality is trendy, and the connection and endurance are both powerful. What about the sound quality? Huawei FreeLace headphones are equipped with a 9.2mm dynamic coil unit, and the sound field is wider. The ultra-thin TPU diaphragm is added to make the bass dive more. For rock, which has a lot of low-frequency music, it sounds more powerful; the use of composite titanium plating technology makes treble stretch, especially female songs, sound brighter and more thorough. The overall presentation of high-quality HiFi stereo sound effects, the immersion is surprising enough.

The sound performance is excellent even in wind noise scenes. Huawei FreeLace headset adopts dual-channel wind noise structure design. After the strong wind enters from the microphone hole on the left side of the remote control, it is discharged through the internal exhaust channel on the right side. It will not enter the microphone, which greatly reduces wind noise. Noise algorithm can greatly reduce wind noise and surrounding environment noise during a call. Especially for the common commuting and subway wind noise scenes of workplace commuters, they have a natural and clear call experience.

As the New Year approaches, Huawei FreeLace’s “neck fashion” is also in full swing. It is understood that Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones New Year’s Eve benefits have been opened simultaneously on Huawei Mall and major e-commerce platforms. On New Year’s Day, the discount is 60 yuan, and 439 yuan can be started. Whether it is a gift for relatives or friends or to treat yourself, Huawei FreeLace wireless headsets are recommended to arrange on.

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