How to Use Electronic Guitar Tuner?


There are five common acoustic guitar tuner.
First, certain tone flute. Similar principles and harmonica. There EBGDAE six tone sounded after the order of condemnation from the 1-6 strings, playing the same sound and the sound can be blown.

Second, there are two kinds Electronic Guitar Tuner:
1. connection type, with a cable caught in the vibration sensing device headstock. Can also choose to MIC (microphone) mode.
2 . piano tuner head directly to the folder, using exactly the same way and the former.

Open the vibration mode is the default (CLIP), followed by switches in the press (ON / OFF button) into the MIC (microphone) mode. Mode (MODE) are: G (guitar), B (bass), V (violin, mandolin), C (12 universal, law of averages). I prefer to use C (12 Tempered Clavier), because this model can be transferred to a musical instrument, any pitch. Comparison of temperament requires you to understand, to know the musical alphabet skilled position. Multi beginners G (guitar) mode, the condemnation on it. But one thing to note, for example you play a chord displayed 2B, how is it? This is the pitch is not enough! BCDE, also a difference of several degrees, high enough to continue to tighten. The former can also be down half step, whole step, and so tuning.

Third, Guitar effects console (Clip On Guitar Tuner only)
Effects of each slightly different, but are based on G (guitar) mode, is about to empty strings are tuned EBGDAE. Can be reduced to adjust tuning.

Fourth, Computer tuner
I have been recommended web site, do not know my friends have to download.
Chinese language interface, the default is 6 of 12 equal temperament tuning mode. Need to open the computer microphone.

Last, Forks
Piano tuning commonly used tool is also useful to the guitar. However, do not seem readily available. Pop-up a sound and consistent with the tuning fork can be knocked out of the pitch.

12 law of averages: 12 international standard pronunciation ABCDEFG
bB bA # C bE # F
1 per word for each tone is 100 degrees or 1 degree = 100 Yinfen Yinfen
We allow the maximum tuning error is plus or minus 10 Yinfen.

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