How to Make Money in Just 5 Minutes on TOMTOP?


A Win-Win game here is waiting for you. Making a video and upload it on, like this:

Making a video by your own first, the content isabout something related with TOMTOP. Like how to use a TOMTOP product or something you gonna share with TOMTOP. But anyway, you have to make TOMTOP appears in your video to make people know this video is about the story between you and TOMTOP.  So we called it as TOMTOP’s fans stroty. Here is a sample made by our fans: TOMTOP Fans Made This Video and also we uploaded it on our Facebook Fans page: TOMTOP Site Review on our Facebook page.

After you uploaded the video on our site, then we will judge the video quality, the level is from level A to level F.  ( A , B , C , D , F = 500 pts , 400 pts , 300 pts , 200 pts , 100 pts )  The best quality is level A values 500 points on TOMTOP’s site and every 100 points equals 1 dollar, so the best situation is you can make 5 dollars in just 5 minutes,  the premise is you can make it too fast.

Here is another useful information about how to get a free mouse mat on TOMTOP Facebook Fans page: TOMTOP @ Facebook -> Fans Club Click “Get it now” to win the free 70 pts on TOMTOP’s site and exchange it to a free mouse mat.

Here is useful tips about pts on TOMTOP’s site:

50 points for Signs up
20 points for Joining Newsletter
10 points for Writing a Review
10 points for Posting a Topic if the post is valuable
5 points for uploading a product photo if it is valuable
10-30 points for referencing a product Video from Youtube depend on it’s valuable
100-500 points for referencing a product Video you self-made from Youtube depend on it’s valuable
10 points for reporting the delivered date of the package
2 points for Voting in Poll

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