How to identify functional lingeries?


lingeries bra best body of the second layer of skin, protection of the breast, supporting the weight of the breast to prevent breast sagging, reduce external pressure of the collision, modify or correct the shape of the breast, so that the beauty show.
No lingeries healthy body and mind can not substitute for an active role in beautifying the body, good lingerie is much more than lingerie, but a healthy, positive attitude towards life seriously Oh!

Ordinary lingeries is now available on the market the kind of lingeries, they come from the sixties of last century was born in Western countries, sexy bra and shorts, the basic style, the temptation is more sexy and beautiful beautiful show.

Adjustable sexy lingeries has been no scientific measurement of ordinary lingeries and purchase guidance, until today, although the situation has changed a lot, but many market so-called “sales consultant” is: the customer wearing a bra (and may even be wearing a thick sponge bra ), the salesperson with a soft foot across the shirt around the chest at the customers a week, read data, and then help the customer out of several pieces that fit her bra, lets customers to try. Ignorance and even some salesperson misled customers that usually wear a smaller size bra, the breast meat can be squeezed upwards, the chest seems full.

These bras to women’s breasts and mainland China caused severe damage to body, light a small cup to suppress a lot of sponge flat chest, breast external expansion, sagging breasts, originally belonged to loss of fat in the breasts in the back, underarms, abdomen, his tight bra wing embedded in many women after the body as if the general … … or even bundles of dumplings caused a lot of female breast disease.

Adjustable lingeries first heard the term in 2009, called Sissi contact with the French brand of adjustable orthopedic Body lingeries, the overall feeling is very good service, product design more scientific and rigorous: by personal measurement, to women’s bodies to find a suitable model, re-use of fat liquidity principle, the female body fat loss in this model Shoulong container, adhere to the dress, so that molding. It is said that can also burn fat, consume excess fat, have caused up to a beautiful woman punch curve. Full sculpture of your body, so very focused on the breast, fat free locked to prevent foreign expansion and sagging, while abdomen hip, achievements perfect body. High cut design with a strong pull, not oppression of the breast tissue, had lymphoid tissue without compression, you can paste the whole breast package, supporting the focus to achieve the best peak, supporting the tremendous self-confidence. Memory space, titanium and steel ring design, soft and comfortable, the same type and effective to avoid the chest lymph, enhance relaxation, the breast tissue, so that free Fast adipose tissue homing to the cup, the increase and shape the chest. Widening Design after the shroud can be flat and cutting back fat, sagging, through the double pressure of the static back massage can burn and consume excess fat and restore a perfect back curve.

Sexy lingeries adult sexy lingeries yong goods are, is to love the visual stimulation combined with xing a product of human material life was raised, to meet the spiritual needs of the product. China sexy lingeries should be more precise name for fun clothing, lingeries and clothing are the product range. And, like many adult yong products, sexy lingeries and other countries in Europe and America is already a very popular product, but sexy lingerie in China only began in the last two years, accepted by the public. Can be expected, with the improvement of domestic material, fun lingeries, ordinary people will gradually go home.

sexy men lingerie is lingeries derivatives, different from the conventional lingeries, which tend to focus on “sexy”, the formation of visual stimulation, so as to achieve a variety of physiological sensory stimulation.

Fun lingeries can be classified by style as follows: fun uniforms, SM wear, garters, leotard, fitness equipment, chest a loaded, fun dresses, lingeries and other fun. These categories are not absolute, and each will have to pay * points to the specific classification is mainly reflected the characteristics of the models as a standard.

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