How to get clean drinking water outdoors

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As we all know, the main condition for the survival of all things in nature is water. In the absence of food, as long as there is water, we can live for ten days. We can live for three days without water. For outdoor hiking and outdoor camping enthusiasts, how to solve the problem of outdoor drinking water is very important, because it is unrealistic to take a lot of drinking water. Maybe you will say that there are so many rivers and lakes outdoors, you can drink this water, but no one can guarantee that you will not have diarrhea, colds, fever and other symptoms after drinking this water. After all, there are all kinds of bacteria and even parasites in the water. It is a terrible thing to get sick in the harsh environment in the wild. So what can we do to get clean drinking water?
1. The most original method of purifying water, find a container, such as canvas bags, polyethylene plastic bags, large iron cans. Spread a layer of fine gravel on the bottom of the container, then apply a layer of sand, a layer of toner, and repeat it several times. The more layers, the better, each layer is about 2.5 cm thick. If there is no sand, replace it with fine gravel. Drill some small holes in the bottom of the container, pour water into the container, and place it under the cup. However, this method is very troublesome. You may not remember to load these materials with activated carbon powder into your backpack, and it is not convenient to carry these devices, so this is not the most practical method.
The easiest way is to boil water. This method can kill most bacteria and microorganisms in the water, but this requires containers and fire, which means you have to bring a small pot, cup and fire, which is complicated. s things.
2. Add water pill in the water, take a basin of water from the river, put a small pill, and wait another half hour to turn the outdoor river into drinking water. Water purification tablets kill bacteria in the water by releasing effective substances. However, water purification tablets may have side effects and odors. This method is suitable for situations of survival crisis.
3. Using an outdoor water purifier, the filter element of the water purifier can filter out harmful bacteria. The volume of harmful bacteria is usually between 03.5 and 0.5 microns. As long as the filter element is highly accurate, bacteria can be completely eliminated, ensuring the safety of purified water.
For example, the Portable Disinfect Water Purifier Environmental Protection Water Filter uses a polyiodinated bactericidal resin filter layer to effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria in the water, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and 99.99% of water parasites. The carbon fiber filter layer removes organic compounds from the water and improves the taste of the water. Its filter element can filter 800L of water. You don’t have to worry about it not purifying enough water. This water purifier is small, lightweight and easy to operate, I believe you will like it.Portable Disinfect Water Purifier Environmental Protection Water Filter Clarifier Cleaner Camping Lifesaving Outdoor Purification Suction Tube Micro Ultrafiltration


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