How to Choose Stylish Women Sweater


Time flies and weather changes so quickly as well. It is snowing in many cities now. Do you make enough preparations to protect yourself from cold ? Sweaters are essential in winter. It may be chilly and blustery outside, but a great sweater can keep you warm. Despite their warmth and softness, women sweater can also be stylish and trendy. Picking the right sweater to flatter your figure just takes a bit of knowledge about fabrics and fit. The following tips are just guide for you to choose sweaters:

purple sweater

Select the right size. Sweater is designed to keep you warm, but they shouldn’t make you look heavier, nor should they be skintight. If you are picking a sweater made from a fabric that can easily shrink, such as cotton or wool, consider buying a size larger. Also, think about where you plan to wear your sweater. A chunky, oversized sweater is great for a chilly night at home or on a ski trip, but you may want a fitted, slim sweater for a party or a day at the office.

grey long sweater

Pick up suitable patterns. Be careful with stripes, especially if you’re on the heavy side, and avoid large floral prints on cardigans if you have problem areas. Fair Isle sweaters, which feature snowflake patterns, can also be flattering if the sweater is fitted.

Choose best style. For both men’s sweaters and women’s sweaters, there are several styles that are always fashionable in some form or another: V-necks, cardigans, turtlenecks and sweater vests. The V-neck long sweater is a sleeved sweater with a V-shaped neck. Men’s V-necks are usually quite small, only extending a couple of inches down toward the chest. Women’s V-necks are usually deeper and wider. Cardigans, which are thin button-up sweaters, are flattering on everyone because they come in varying lengths and can have short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves or long sleeves. Particularly long cardigans with pockets are sometimes called “boyfriend sweaters.” Sweater vests are also universally flattering and look classic with a crisp button-up shirt beneath them. Heavier women and those with large busts should generally avoid turtleneck sweaters, which can add bulk, and opt instead for V-neck sweaters or sweater vests, which elongate the torso and do not cover the neck. Belted sweaters also give shape to otherwise shapeless women’s sweaters and can be great for women of all body types.


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