How to Choose LED Flexible Strip For Home Decoration


Nowadays, LED strips are coming into our live to act as a part of the home decoration for it advantages, like flexible, bright, waterproof,energy efficiency etc. With the fast development of the LED technology, they are now available in very bright versions too, allowing users to apply it as task, or in rare cases, even as a main source of lighting. Here we will give you some tips while you are prepare to decorate your home.

1. The color of LED strips. LED strips are available in various emitting colors. They not only available in single color, like red, yellow blue, green light, but also available in warm white, natural white, cool white. Recently color changing RGB LED strip light (Red, Green and Blue)? are very popular for their advantages in colors and? the color changing mode. With a RED LED controller. You can control Over thousands of mixed color from the choice , and? have 6 color changing modes. With the RGB LED strips, you can change the atmosphere of your house any time you like.

RGB LED strip light

2.The flexibility of LED strip.The most outstanding features of LED strip is that it could be cut into any size you want without damage the LED strip. Which means you can apply it to anywhere and any corner.? Measure the length you want to install the LED tape. Then you can cut the tape to any size you like and fold into any size due to its flexibility. Usually the flexible LED strips have self adhesive tapes on the back, so they are easy to apply.

3. The number of LEDs within a meter of the strip. The higher this number is, the brighter the strip is. With strips including a high number of LED always check their arrangement, because LEDs placed too close to each other may emit too much heat and radically shorten the lifespan of the strip.

waterproof LED strips

4. Waterproof and non-waterproof. There are two types of LED strip sells on the market. One is waterproof, the other is non-waterproof. Do not take for granted that all LED strips are waterproof. We will highly recommend you buy waterproof LED strips to avoid any water damage .Before you buy, you should read the description carefully to prevent you buy a non-waterproof LED strip for mistake. Think about that you drop some water on the non-waterproof LED strip, what leave to you will be a piece of useless rubbish.



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