How to choose a scanner?

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The scanner can scan pictures, documents, photographs, films, drawings and other graphic files into the computer, printer and modem with copy and fax functions. As universal scanner has dropped a thousand dollars less, so that the scanner has gradually become office, engineering design, art and design as well as home users indispensable computer equipment.

Many describe the performance parameters of the scanner, the following describes the general users need to consider when buying technical indicators.

Here are some performance parameters of scanner for your reference when considering buying a scanner.

1. A scan format: Scan formats usually have A4, A4 lengthened, A3, A1, A0, and other specifications.

2. Resolution: Resolution reflects the clearness of the scanned image. The higher the resolution of the scanner, the sharper the image. Resolution of the scanner is represented by dots DPI per inch length. General office users recommend to buy resolution is 600 * 1200 ( horizontal resolution * vertical resolution ) scanner. Horizontal resolution is determined by the optical scanner system real resolution, vertical resolution is determined by the degree of precision scanner transmission mechanism, the purchase mainly on horizontal resolution.

3. Digit color: the color of the scanned image median reflects the ability to distinguish colors. The higher the number of bits of color scanner, scan the image richer colors. Color digit binary digits.

4 Sensor: Sensor is the eye of a scanner, scanning quality and scanner uses photosensitive element honestly correlated ordinary scanner has a useful sensor CCD (Charge Coupled Device) and CIS (Contact Image Sensor).


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