How Much Computer Knowledge Do You Know?

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Oxygen is the most important component of nature for human beings. But in these days computer becomes as much important as oxygen. Every one in our society wants to learn about computer. Computer basic knowledge can easily be acquired by anyone, irrespective of his/her present level of computer skills. Do you still feel as if the world is changing too fast that you cannot follow its fast pace due to your lack of basic computer skills? Come on! It is time for you to learn more about the computer knowledge.

When we talking about the desktop model of computer, it means the computer itself not keyboard, mouse, monitor. Technically speaking the box which contains the computer is called system unit. Before the computer is used for performing any operation a set of instructions are given to it. The set of instructions are called program. A set of programs called software. A special type of software is operating system reside in the hard disk of computer. It runs firstly when we start the computer.

For the first time it can be fun to use computer but it becomes our need as we come to know about the computer features. Computers were designed to make life easier not be too complex. In the past, technology was based on the all-in-one concept to make computers, but now computers are usually come in parts, divided into hardware and software components. Hardware makes up the physical elements of the computer, such as the hard drive, whereas software provides the operating system and the programs that allow you to create computer files.

Computers have made a global impact and have changed the way we work, communicate, or search for information. Talking of business, now there is no need to worry about storing and maintaining paper files. Computers have revolutionized the way businesses function. A very recognizable term Technology encompassing many aspects of computing helps to produce, manipulate, store and/or disseminate information. Computers can be seen in almost all spheres- home, business, schools, hospitals, accounting, buying, selling – the list is endless.

Computer is a machine which computes data. It performs high speed mathematical or logical operations. It also manipulates data according to a set of instructions. It has the ability to store and execute programs, which makes it differ from calculator. Each and every computer must have a main memory, control unit, arithmetic logic unit. Complex computers include programs for some necessary duration. Charles Babbage is the father of modern computers. A computer can read one instruction at one time, it performs the operation based on that instruction, than it reads next instruction. The instruction given to any type of computer can be single, multiple, or simple. It can also used for simple or complex operations.


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