How many car bulbs in your mind


The right use of light is one of ways to ensure safety driving.How many car bulbs in your mind ? Do you know the use of these lights and where to place these lights?

We can simple divided to Car light into two parts the external & Internal light.The normal external lights include Headlamp, foglight ,daytime running light,Turn Signal Lamp,license plate lamp,backup light,Brake lamp,outline marker lamps,parking lamp,warning light etc .The Common internal lamps, reading lamp, dome light or the luggage compartment lights, door lamp, footfall lamp, instrument floodlight, working lamp, instrument panel p indicator light, etc.

Car External lights

Car Fog lamps installed in head or tail so has the Head Fog Lamp and Rear Fog Lamp.Fog bulbs normally not use ,use when there is fog,rain,snow or dust fill in the air and is to improve front road lighting conditions . As well as warn the following vehicle keep a safe distance.Common LED light interface type: H1 H3 H4 H7 880 881 9005 9006 H11

Daytime Running Light Many consumers will think that its main function is to decorate ,but it’s not true .This configuration on the traffic safety may also play a import role.It can provide vehicle has been identified .According to the existing research, if there is a DRL lamp, road users, including pedestrians,people who ride bicycle and drive motor vehicle can earlier detection and better recognice motor vehicle. In the darkness if driver open ordinary lamp, the DRL lamp will automatically shut off.In comparison,the led DRL save more power and has a longer working life.

The Reversing light installs on the rear of the car. When the transmission hang in reverse, automatic light ,lighting vehicle behind to attention the rear vehicle and pedestrian

The major turn light general installs on left or right side of the car head and tail.It uses to show vehicle driving trends.Common LED car light interface type BA9S T10 T20 T25 W5W 1156

The Stoplight Installed on the rear of the car.Common LED car light interface type 1157 7443 3157 T20

Licence lights installed in the rear of the car licence above or on left or right, after used for lighting licence, ensure pedestrian ,policeman can see the words and number on the licence in 20m distance

Car Internal lamp

Car dome light the car and truck in general only set a dome light, as the car interior lighting also monitor the door closed up.As long as the door not firm closed the dome light will shine.

LED Reading light is the Green light source installed at the rear or top of passenger seats .When spotlights,reading a book will not give drivers blinding phenomenon,lighting the small areas, and some still have optical axis adjusting mechanism

Door light Installed the bottom inside car door.Open the door, the door light shine, to note pedestrians and vehicles avoid.

Dashboard light install the lamp opposite of dashboards , used for lighting instrument pointer and the index plate, a power of 2 W

Many lights use in the car like wheel signal light, Car Truck Visor Strobe Flash Light etc


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