How does the smart sensor light work?

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Smart homes have become more and more popular in our daily life. We can control the electrical equipment in our homes on mobile phones, and even the lights become more and more smart. The smart home system is a complicated working system, but the working principle of the smart sensor light can be easily understood. Do you know how it works?

working principle
The intelligent sensor light is mainly operated by the sensing module. The sensor light switch is sensed by human body temperature measurement. The ordinary human body emits infrared rays of a specific wavelength of about 10 micrometers, and the sensor can detect the presence or absence of infrared rays. Induction Module A new technology that uses infrared and thermoelectric principles to sense human activity information. It is designed to detect and sense human activity information. When a person with temperature or body enters the sensing range of the module, the output sensing pulse signal will directly drive the LED indicator. At this point, the light will illuminate. After a period of time, the light will automatically go out after the person leaves. This is our common energy saving and environmental protection product.

Smart sensor light function:
1. Based on the automatic control of infrared technology, when someone enters the sensing range of the switch, a special sensor is used to detect the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body, and the switch automatically turns on the load. When a person approaches it, the light is on. When the person is away from it, the light is extinguished, which is very friendly and convenient, safe and energy-saving.
2. With zero-crossing detection function: no need to touch the electronic switch to extend the service life of the load.
3. Apply photosensitive control, switch automatic metering, when the light is strong, do not sense, automatically recognize the ambient light, and determine whether it needs work.

Application of smart sensor lights in daily life
Intelligent sensor lights are very common in our lives. This Warm White Night Light with Twilight Sensor is a typical representative. The light guide has a built-in smart detector that can be automatically turned on/off, easy to install, only socket, socket light suitable for All the space needed. Matte surface, even and soft and comfortable. The night light only uses 1W, saving more than 85% of the lamps, suitable for use in bedrooms, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, halls, garages, basements, utility rooms, stairs and other places.

0.26W Warm White Night Light with Twilight Sensor

Light Sensor Wall LED Light Sensor Lights have built-in motion and light sensors that automatically determine if work is needed based on changes in light and shadow. It automatically illuminates when you enter the detection range of 10 feet to 16 feet. When the person leaves, it automatically goes out. This lamp is installed without screws or nuts. It only needs to be attached to the wall. It is very convenient to install and is suitable as a night door light and stair light.

Light Sensor Wall LED Night Light Induction Lamp

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