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According to the news, US government has a plan to send some people to the Mars but will never be back to the earth once again. It seemed to be unreal at this moment. But let’s just suppose it. Suppose you will be one of them, what will be the most important things that you will bring with? For me, it is memory. And photos will be the best things to keep our memory fresh. But the space for us would be always limited. How can you solve this problem? Maybe the following two items will be helpful for you.

Multi-function LCD Digital Photo & Slides & Films Scanner


Can convert your photo prints, slides and negative films to digital images (please note that it can’t scan photos and films at the same time).Preserves all your precious images of weddings, holidays and treasured family moments for generations.

It is easy to share your images with others. Better, faster and easier to use than any conventional scanner.

LCD screen allows you to view & edit before converting to digital images.

With SD card port, the scanner needs SD card to record images (SD card is not included; please note that the micro SD card needs a SD card adapter).

Support language: Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese.

The scanner is equipped with 3 photo holders, 1 film holder and 1 slide holder (the device has arrows to show?how holders insert in it).

With a USB port and TV port, can connect to PC and TV.

With a cleaning brush to clean the backlight panel.

FS201 5MP Digital USB 35mm Negative Film & Slide Scanner


Scans all color or monochrome 35mm negatives film and mounted slides.

Easy to use, simply connect to your computer, insert your slide or negative film, and press copy.

USB 2.0 connection makes hookup easy and provides power to the scanner.

5MP CMOS sensor provides 10 bits per colour channel for data conversion.

Built-in back light, 3 white LEDs. Fixed focus and automatic exposure control and colour balance.

Ideal for safeguarding images from weddings, holidays and treasured family moments.


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